This story is for all of you that have not had the experience of going thru a deposition, the questions and what I call illegal questions that attorney’s ask to anyone that should be disallowed by the NC BAR, but are not disallowed by any means. Even if you are not a party to a lawsuit, all attorney’s feel it is necessary to dive into your personal life even though it is clearly none of their damn business. By the way I am not a party to this lawsuit. It is not my fight.

The attorney’s want to know who you are, where you live. Where you go to church, that is if you go to church. Who you are married to, how many children that you have ? Do you own any property ? Do you owe any money on anything ? Does your wife work anywhere ? What does your wife do ? What’s next ? How many times I get to have sex per week ? I’ll answer that for you here. NOT ENOUGH. Where have I worked in the past. Was I ever fired from a job ? Not that I can recall. But I am sure that you can make up something for that one. Remember this one. All attorney’s are looking for someone else to bring suit against if they have a steady paying client.

Do you really think, any of these questions are relative to a lawsuit that I am not a party of ? And even if I was, do you think that any of these questions have anything to do with the reason for the deposition to begin with. ABSOLUTLY NOT ! But this is what attorney’s do at depositions. What is your opinion on this ?????

On March 3rd. 2017. I was demanded to be present for questions from attorney Mark Bibbs, supposedly for for the lawsuit between Robert Brawley and getting to be infamous Dallas McClain, Carl Valentine and Premier Judicial LLC. and Cannon Surety LLC. Imagine me getting involved in what I perceive as corruption in the Bail Bond business. Those present was as follows, Robert Brawley, his attorney, Steve McClosky, Dallas McClain, Tim Mathis, Carl Valentine, the court reporter and myself obviously.

The attorney’s are there stating that they are only after the truth. What a crock of bullshit that is. These witch hunt’s are what attorney’s are allowed to do with little or no supervision of the court’s and by the NC. Bar. They can ask you anything without recourse from you. Now remember you are not allowed to lie. You are under oath. You can object but it will do you no good. You cannot get paid for your time in accordance with NC law.

Do you know why I was called into this ? Don’t worry, I will tell you why. Because of all of my articles on Cannon Surety, Dallas McClain, and Carl Valentine that I have posted online. Where did I get my information ? Did I make anything up on my own ? Do I feel obligated to tell the single sided truth of the attorney Mark Bibbs, Dallas McClain and Carl Valentine. These were all questions asked of me so far. Don’t worry there will be more in the near future.

Remember you must position yourself from the crooks of this world mainly attorney’s that are trying to get money out of your pocket’s. You cannot have anything in your name. Not your car, your house, bank account. ANYTHING ! If you do I will go ahead and tell you upfront that I told you so. You don’t know how ?

First set up a corporation and then bring it under the name of a Family trust. You can put auto’s, property, it can have a checking account to pay bills on. you cannot be brought under any lawsuit to a family trust for something that you personally do. Say you have an accident and you only have State minimums for insurance. If you don’t have anything in your personal name the attorney’s cannot get anything other than the maximum of your insurance policy. 99% of the time the attorney’s will stop there. Why ? Because attorney’s are only looking for one thing and one thing only, QUICK CASH. Why would an attorney spend a thousand hours of there time that they charge at 300 dollars per hour, chasing a person that does not have anything. They won’t.

If you don’t know how to set this up, contact any wills and estates attorney to do it for you. If you don’t do this then you have a chance of losing everything that you have worked for. The choice is yours. Don’t worry I have my situation already under control. You can bring suit against me, for anything, anytime that you want. It will only cost you money and time out of your pocket.