Why is the arrest of Perla Jessenia Lopez, on 12 counts of notary fraud in Alamance County important ? First it was the Secretary Of State that brought the charges. Second if there was a proper investigation into Perla’s action by the North Carolina Department of Insurance she would have already been in jail. So now do you think that the North Carolina Department of Insurance will actually investigate the documents that she did the Notary Fraud on ” I doubt it. Every fraud action brought about by the Secretary of State when it was on the Bail Bonding business in this State also has to bring about a charge from the North Carolina Department of Insurance. North Carolina General Statutes 58-2-180.

Because of her association with part of the Raleigh Mafia in the Bail Bonding Business here in North Carolina, which would include Dallas McClain, Lynette Thompson, Carl Valentine, Mark Bibbs, Wayne Goodwin, Mike Schon and Janet Ramerez. All of these individuals are or were involved with Bail Bonding in one sort or another. Let me give you the Companies associated with all of this fraud. Premier Judicial Consultants LLC., NC Bail Academy LLC., and Cannon Surety LLC. Oh I almost forgot to put All American Bail Bonds LLC. Which by the way almost all share the same address at 2303 West Meadowview Road, Suite 200B Box # 11, Greensboro, NC 27407. Imagine that will you ?

Wayne Goodwin got voted out of office in part because of his association with political favors to his buddy attorney Mark Bibbs. Who represented his client’s against the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Where Wayne Goodwin and Mark Bibbs would have off the records conversations about Mark Bibbs claims against the NCDOI. Hence a complete corruption saga. Needless to say that all of that was entirely illegal in accordance with North Carolina Law. This was brought about into main stream by the News stories by WSOC channel 9 in Charlotte in August of 2016.

I have one question here for Mike Causey, well maybe a couple of questions for him. Let’s start off with. If these people are all charged with felonies of one sort or another, why is this not being investigated as a R.I.C.O. case, and charges not being filed under such law ? Well lets see you have everyone getting arrested is an underling of Dallas McClain , Lynette Thompson and Carl Valentine and you are not pursuing charges on these three people ? Next I would like to ask why the North Carolina Department of Insurance, specifically your Director of criminal investigations, Shane Guyant, is not investigating misdemeanors in this State ? You do not get to pick and chose which laws that you are going to follow Mr. Guyant. You either uphold the law as it is written or you do not. Yet no one is holding you accountable yet Mr. Guyant. Give me a minute and let me see if I can have anything to do about it. You sir are a disgrace to this State. You should be fired or put into jail yourself.



  1. The Department of Insurance continues to allow Dallas McClain to operate a bail insurance company despite documented misrepresentations he made to them and despite a well-drafted complaint showing that McClain lied on other occasions….and while appearing to committ multiple felonies as shown under Article 2 (NCGS 58-2-180).
    Dallas McClain lied under oath and under penalty of perjury on each renewal for his bail agents license by claiming he didn’t have a bail-related relationship with a disqualified individual. I have obtained copies of each years renewal for Dallas McClain from the North Carolina Department of Insurance. I have filed a complaint, 500 days ago, which has not been acted on by the Department and which clearly shows the commission of not only misdemeanors, but felony violations of law.
    McClain did the exact same thing again, by lying in his statement to Angela Hatchell with the Agent Services Division in or around February 2016. On two occasions, in an interrogatory and in email he has claimed he was in Cattlemen’s Surety in 2014 with Carl Valentine despite other conflicting statements he made and to include the required oaths at renewal.
    Consider ARTICLE 2 under “COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE,” in NCGS 58-2-180.
    Under ‘Punishment for making false statement,’ it reads:
    “If any person in any financial or other statement required by this Chapter [meaning all of Chapter 58] willfully misstates information, that person making oath to or subscribing the statement is guilty of a Class I felony; and the entity on whose behalf the person made the oath or subscribed the statement is subject to a fine imposed by the court of not less than two thousand dollars ($ 2,000) nor more than ten thousand dollars ($ 10,000).”
    What is going on? We are talking about violations of law which are felonies.

  2. Ok, well..I for one have tons of documents proving McClain was and remains in his bail relationship with the Godfather. Email from McClain where Lopez and Schon and Valentine are cc and bcc. Also I heard there is a letter some agent has in Davidson County where McClain admits that James “Right Hand Man to Valentine” Bishop attended the meeting in June 2016, along with several other agents such as Tim Mathis, Robert Mathis, Suzie.McCormick, Lawrie Ira, CrystAL Cokley, along with L Thompson. I am not saying they had a relationship with the Godfather nor saying they are breaking the law. However, wouldn’t it be interesting to research their answers to doi, and if they weren’t asked in the initial investigation..maybe they need to be. Here ya go, I’m giving you your answers ahead of time…lolo.
    Moreover, I also possess contracts on email, 3 different ones they claim were our contracts, when only 1 contract was signed and notarized after the fact…hmmm. Was AABB even licensed to run a bail agency with an insurance company.? AABB or Cannon et al.?
    I also “heard” that this same agent in Davidson Co, has 7 to pages of email showing doI staff…Ray Martinez, Debbie Walker, Jonathan Stark, Vicky, Lynn, Duhkingfish, Pam Matz, Kori@aabb, Leane.Refalko, and yes THE INFAMOUS MARINE BAIL BOND GODFATHER CARL VALENTINE setting up Cannon.
    More is yet to come..Stay Tuned!

  3. I would really like to know what “meeting” your referring to, and how my name came into this ridiculous attempt to discredit people that have done nothing you have accused them off. I know for a FACT that in June of 2016 I attended no such “meeting”, because I spent the entire month at my mothers bedside caring for, watching her die! So, before you start throwing names into false accusations, get your facts straight! Your making yourself look like a joke! And Mr.Richards, if you in fact are the author of this comment, you do not even know me, so keep my name out of your vocabulary!

  4. Thank you, I was referring to the comment above, where my name was mentioned about me attending some meeting in June of 2016, with other people mentioned. And who the hell is the “God father” of bonding, and why don’t I know him yet??? I wasn’t attending any meeting or anything last summer except my mothers funeral! I don’t like to be put into something I know nothing about. And this Mr.Richards I have never laid eyes on and him or vice versa, so I would really appreciate my name staying off this blog.

  5. There are many emails that show a lengthy and detailed chain of emails involving a buyout and the normal operations of PJC / Cannon. I am willing to forward these to anyone who emails me requesting them.
    In those emails, specific licensees are involved. The reader can decide for themselves who those players are.
    Take the annual renewals which are attested to under penalty of perjury and under oath.
    No one can deny those. The completed renewals would be akin to a Findings of Fact in a court of law.
    The new bail Division going in next month (May 1) needs to pick this up or we all need to get with some DA’s that I am certain will prosecute. Felonies are looked at much more differently than misdemeanors. These, when verified, cannot be overlooked. It is in fact a crime to overlook them.
    I do not think NCDOI will continue to refuse to act as it did under Wayne Goodwin. Wayne Goodwin should be made to explain his relationship in this. More on that later.
    It does appear Commissioner Causey is acting to help clean up this corruption. If he does so, he will do a great service to the State of North Carolina and the taxpayers that put him in. I have never witnessed a level of corruption such as that which has been allowed to grow in the North Carolina bail industry. Until now there have been some very powerful players kicking the can down the road. Or they have had some indirect involvement with some of the counselors involved.
    We are not just talking about misdemeanors which are many.
    These are felonies.

    Again read NCGS 58-2-180 for yourselves or have your individual attorneys look at it. It references the crime as a Class l felony.

    If you take the disqualification statute shown under Article 71 it points the finger at any and all agents directly or “indirectly” involved with a disqualified individual. I believe that many licensees involved with Carl Valentine were completely unaware of his presence behind the insurance company. Dallas McClain and Lyne Thompson, involved in PLE and CE, cannot play that card. They brought Mr. Valentine to me and tried to hide him behind a bail insurance company. When I discovered the disqualification they simply found a 72-year old investor and formed a bail insurance company. They moved on but continued to attack me verbally calling me a crook and other names and while saying they would shut me down. If you have any relationship whatsoever with McClain or Thompson you need to be asking some questions.

  6. Ms Mrs McCormick
    No one, not 1 person, jointly..or severally..means any harm to no one.
    I can guarantee..I was not the author of the letter. You may want to check with Mr McClain. His signature and name appear at the bottom of the letter as it was sent to me anonymously….go figure…how this person got my private mailing address is beyond me.
    I’m not saying McClain authored the letter, but it looks mighty peculiar.

  7. I was referring to the comment on this blog where you mentioned my name Mr Richards. You don’t know me, so please don’t put me in any further comments. I would appreciate the same respect that you would want.

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