This story of Randy Davis and his daughter Cheyenne, goes all the way back to the first mention of what was going on in 2014. Randy Davis and some of his family has uncovered vast corruption and crimes going all the way back to the 1920″s. That include the NC Commission of Indian Affairs, the Coharie Intra-Tribal Council, and the entire county of Sampson County, including the Child Protection Services, the District Attorney, Judges, the Sheriff and many more.

I am referencing a story by Dated December 15, 2015. This story after you read it will make you wonder just which country that we live in, let alone which State. I have been involved personally with the corruption from the North Carolina Department of Insurance to try and shut me down and keep me quite about the incestual relationship between the insurance companies and the Department of Insurance here in North Carolina, but this story goes way beyond what I thought was possible in this State of North Carolina.

Let me list the main players that are supposed to be the ones in office to actually protect the rights of the citizens of North Carolina. The ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE, SENATOR WESLEY MEREDITH, AND SENATOR BRENT JACKSON. Then the SAMPSON COUNTY SHERIFF JIM THORNTON.

Let’s start with the Attorney Generals Office, The Attorney General’s Office refused to investigate the corruption and the players involved in Sampson County. I found out this one to be actually 100% true in my demands for the Attorney Generals Office to investigate my cases against the Insurance Companies where the North Carolina Department of Insurance was involved. What people refuse to believe is the Attorney Generals Office is not for the citizens of North Carolina, it is for the DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS of the State, not for you and me. And if you think in any other fashion you would be dead wrong. And who ends up paying for this abuse ?  We do the tax payers.

The list of crimes involves everything from misuse of Federal HUD and USDA funds, to every civil rights violation imaginable, to a massive land grab, falsifying birth and death certificates.

Randy Davis is a successful business owner, and more importantly, Chief of the Croatan Native American Tribe. He is also a very goof father to his daughter Cheyenne.

Where do you think that the Coharie Intra-Tribal Council receives it’s money from. YOU AND ME AS THE TAXPAYERS, in the form of government benefits. What happens when that money is misused ? That is called corruption. What do you think will happen if the players involved are involved with corruption and it becomes public ?   Well in this case nothing! Why because it involves every office of government from the Child Protection Services to the Attorney Generals Office.

Randy Davis uncovered the corruption and refuses to be silenced by the powers to be. So how do these corrupt politicians and other governmental employees try and shut Randy Davis up? They attack what is most prized by Randy Davis……his daughter, Cheyenne!

How ? By having the unauthorized removal of his daughter by the Child Protection Services. Randy has fought this in every form possible. He has been falsely arrested by the Sheriff on trumped up charges to having to move out of Sampson County to keep his daughter.

Randy Davis took all of the information on the Coharie Board’s fraud to WRAL TV, which ran a brief story on February 20, 2014 reporting $ 740,000 missing from the bank accounts. Within two weeks of this story being aired the Child Protective Services took Cheyenne. And Randy Davis was told that he could have his daughter back if he would keep his mouth shut. Online you will find video’s showing. Sampson County Sheriff Deputy’s. Illegally detained “the whistleblowers”, officers forcibly removing Cheyenne from the car and from her father. There was no court order from a judge to take these children into custody. What country do we live in again? Apparently in the State of North Carolina you are allowed to be arrested without warrants, property can be seized without due process. And children taken away with a court order.

Talk about the need for new laws to put public officials in jail for violating yours and my Constitutional Civil Rights. And that is what I am asking for with this story, I want to see new laws on the books that officials involved with these types of illegal acts be arrested and tried as criminals themselves for false allegations, and arrest warrants against innocent people. I know that this will get vetoed immediately. Why? Look at who our Government is ran by in our State. He used to be the person to occupy the Office of Attorney General. I never said the he actually did anything for the citizens of this State, except for the fact of taking our money in the form of paychecks. Yes Gov. Cooper. And Yes I said it. An outright corrupt individual if there ever was one.

This torment is not over for Randy Davis, I praise and applaud his stance on corruption in this State no matter what his outcome is. He deserves to be backed up by every citizen of  North Carolina. Why? Because if they can do this to him, do you think that maybe you might be next?



  1. I have been victimized by Farm Bureau Insurance, Department of Insurance, Judge Doug Parsos Judge Henry ,Attourneys Eugene Thompson Ken Thompson, Thomas Cox, and Robert Detwiler.
    These individual conspired to deprive me of a legitimate Insurace claim and then to due process under the laws.Distroying evidence, altering transcripts and embezzling money .
    It’s very interesting that no officials in North Carolina Government will respond to any complaints.

    • There are judges on the take, or some that just don’t give a shit, there are attorney’s that would screw you in a heart beat. Hopefully you will give me more details on what happened. Was it a fire at your house or what. As far as the NCDOI you will not get any breaks from those morons I have been fighting that fight since 2011 and got my ass thrown into jail on false charges for it. So tell me a little more about it and is the case over or can you take it into Federal court?

  2. Please edit this article. There are very excellent points in here and I don’t won’t to take away from any of it by being critical. One example is Mr. Davis is described as a “goof” father istead of a “good” father. Errors in grammar spoil an otherwise great peace ✌ (error intended) of media reporting.

  3. I support Randy Davis. My family were victims of a corrupted county here in N.C also (martin county) The sheriffs dept is even covering up several illegal acts. The justice dept needs to look into all of this corruption taken place here in N.C. CPS has become a conspiracy.

    • Send me actual documentation and I will print it, and demand that the NC House Representatives look into it.