One of Cannon Surety’s highest producing bail bondsman in Cherokee Country in North Carolina was arrested by the FBI on Forced Labor, Sexual Abuse of a minor plus several others. Cherokee Indian Police knew as well as the Indian Council that Phillip Armachain was loan sharking their people going back several years.

The investigation as reported by The Smoky Mountain News. Conducted by the FBI and the Cherokee Indian Police Department, stemmed from information that Armachain had been receiving per capita checks, (these are semi-annual payments tribal members receive from the Casino profits). In the mail as collateral for loans Armachain issued to tribal members doing business with him. During 2015 more than 150 enrolled members listed Armachain’s address as the delivery address for the per capita checks. According to an affidavit from FBI Special Agent Andrew Romagnuolo on which the criminal complaint was based.

While Armachain was known to charge a 100 % percent interest rate on loans, the affidavit on his charges, said three woman came forward to say they had paid their bond fees or loan payments by having sex with Armachain.

The woman who the affidavit names as victim Number One, told investigators that in 2016 Armachain had bonded her out of the Swain County Jail in Bryson City in a deal that would require her to pay double what she owed. Armachain gave V1, a ride back to Cherokee, the affidavit said, during which he talked about paying him for the bond sexually. The two went Armachain’s cabin but didn’t have sex their, because Armachain discovered that V1 was pregnant. Instead waited to have sex until V1 was no longer pregnant.

Armachain bonded V1 out of jail once more, in December 2016, and issued a cash bond for $200.00 on the same day. Armachain received oral sex in lieu of cash, the affidavit says.

Two more women came forward with similar stories. One, referred to in the affidavit as Victim 2, said that Armachain bonded her out of the Cherokee Indian Jail this spring and said that “they would work something out” when V2 told Armachain that she didn’t have money to pay the bond. Armachain took V2 to his residence, where they had sex. the affidavit stated.

The woman referred to as Victim 3 said she had taken out both loans and bonds from Armachain and had sex with him multiple times so she wouldn’t have to repay him the monies. V3 said that she would try to avoid having sexual intercourse with Armachain but told investigators “He made me do it”. Also stated in the affidavit.

The affidavit also stated and also identified a fourth Victim. And she was a MINOR under the age of 16. V4’s mother had taken out loans from Armachain, but Armachain “would not loan money to the mother unless the mother brought the child Victim 4 to pick up the loan monies”. The mother would wait outside while V4 went in alone to get the monies. Of which Armachain would charge at his normal 100% interest rate. While the girl was inside with Armachain he would sexually abuse her.

V4’s mother would still have to repay the monies, the sex with her daughter would be a BONUS. The mother had to pass her per capita and address it to Armachain who would hold it as collateral. Then Armachain would meet the mother at his business on U.S. 441 and walk to the bank to cash the check, at which at that point get his loan back plus interest. Also stated in the affidavit, “The mother of V4 stated that Armachain would revoke bail bonds if people did not pay him back for the loans”. Armachain would also take peoples cars for non-payment. The mother of V4 was told by other women that Armachain would bail these women out of jail in return for sex.

According to the affidavit, the Cherokee Police Department identified more than 10 additional women who Armachain had flirted with after bonding them out of jail. The interviews are consistent. Armachain has a reputation as a pervert and creepy. Many of the females interviewed expressed fear of being alone with Armachain and displayed emotional pain regarding the extortion of sexual acts to get out of jail or to pay off their loans.

This story is just one of the many that I have been hearing about with regards to the Bail Bonding Business being run by crooks worse than the actual criminals, that the Bail Bondsmen are bonding out of jail. Bail Bondmen extorting cars and houses from so called criminals that have been locked up for various reasons.

How would you like it to have to give sexual acts to individuals like this Armachain. just because you didn’t have any money to post your bail. And that was for some minor traffic incident.

People like these and the fact that the North Carolina Department of Insurance is again not doing there jobs of policing the Bail Bond Industry here in North Carolina. These charges had to come by the FBI.

There is one more person that should spend some time in jail and that is the mother of victim 4. How can you as a parent send your daughter in to someone like Armachain and have sex with him just to get a loan. I truly hope that the police follow up on that little tide bit instead of her mother just saying “HE MADE ME DO IT” . More to come on these rotten Bail Bond Agents in the near future.