Do you know what the word SCUMBAG means ?  Don’t worry I’ll tell you. From it means the following: 1.) CONDOM. 2.) a mean, despicable person. Next to Thesaurus these should be the picture of Mark L. Bibbs……….This is my second complaint to the NC BAR against a scumbag attorney by the name of Mark L. Bibbs. Please see my Motion to Quash and my Protective Order against this scumbag in other posts.

For now I will post my complaint to the NC BAR.

Grievance Committee

The North Carolina State Bar

P.O. Box 25908

Raleigh, NC. 27611

I hereby complain against Mark L. Bibbs, License # 22680. 410 N. Boylan Ave, Raleigh, North Carolina. 27603.

I bring your attention to YOUR OWN RULES….Rule 4.1. Truthfulness in Statements to Others. Which states as follows in case you missed it: In the course of representing a client a lawyer SHALL NOT knowingly make a false statement of material fact or law to a third person. I have text messages made up by Mark L. Bibbs, cussing, lying, and misrepresenting himself and openly making False Statements. I under all circumstances did not make these texts and lies. This is all from Mark L. Bibbs and sent to another attorney Steve McCloskey. To include Mark Cartret, and Clyde Robert Brawley. In an attempt to discredit me as it were. I am demanding an investigation from the NC BAR on this complaint.

I am enclosing my latest round of communications with this Vulgar, totally unprofessional, lying individual. This man has done nothing with his attorney license but to Harass, Lie, and Coerce. And I quite frankly am not going to take it anymore. I refuse to back down from a bully such as Mark L. Bibbs.

This is the second complaint against the same individual. I am wildly wondering, just what in the hell does it take for the NC BAR to actually do the job it was set up to do and revoke an attorney’s license. This obviously disgusting individual Mark L. Bibbs, who breaks whatever law that he wishes, whenever he wishes, because of his political pull in Raleigh has to stop. This is the same individual with whom the NC BAR has suspended his license already at least once, this is also the same individual with whom has at least 12 DUI’s. Yet the NCBAR has not done what the NC BAR must do to protect the citizens of North Carolina.

I do not place idle threats, nor do I place idle complaints. Since I just ran for Commissioner of Insurance in 2016. I also do actually know a few individuals in the house and so on. If the Bar does not take ACTION QUICKLY against Mark L. Bibbs then I will call for an investigation into your “NC BAR” actions or “I should say inaction from the NC BAR” from the legislative branch.

I am also enclosing a Motion to Quash and a Protective Order that was just filed with the court on CASE NUMBER 16 CVS 7708.

How about actually doing you job to protect the public and revoke this morons license.



  1. Mr Pierce
    I read your article and must say I’m not 100% convinced of the alleged allegations against this said counselor-attorney. However..if you are 250% positive that your innocence in these vulgar texts are accurate…then u may do this at your own discretion of your own choice, voluntarily….NOT AN ATTEMPT TO CONSPIRE.

    If your a verizon customer., get on line with chat support thru the customer service links online. Give them your name, ALL PHONE NUMBERS, address, account number, and have them track your texts for the date in question of the alleged texts. Make sure you date and time ur inquiry at the top when you type the info.
    Upon looking at your account they will put their findings in WRITING and you’ll have it in writing without question so no one can say u altered a paper log.
    Screenshot..the info given and go from there.
    If you don’t have verizon and your carrier don’t offer online chat with a rep, u may get your cell records printed out and post them where you wish for ALL TO SEE

    • Not saying you’d alter a document but deleting any opportunity by the opponent ahead of time is crucial. Also, a screenshot..allows you to post the results on public forum faster than anything else and that way there us no conspiracy. Word to the wise..get the time you sent the vulgar texts…and have the record checked the day before, the day of, and the day after the alleged incident took place. I’d also have them check and list all texts TO and FROM the attorney..screenshot…and post in public forum.
      Again..this guy is an attorney and I’M SURE he or she would NEVER allege anything without cold hard proof…JUST SAYING.

      • James one major thing that you will find out about me is I am a man that does not lie. I refuse to lie to tell someone or something how I feel. If I had made those remarks I would have owned up to them. But since they were fabricated and posted to third parties I will be filing suit against Mark Bibbs. I will run again in 2020 for Commissioner of Insurance, and I will announce sometime next year,and these remarks just spur me on to take care of these unprofessional attorney’s as they come……