I am posting my complaint with the NC State Bar. If there is one thing that get’s my attention more and faster then anything else is if someone who is licensed in what ever role that they are in and they should find another line of work because they are just totally unprofessional and don’t know what they are doing. In this case a lawyer who just doesn’t know the laws of North Carolina.



P.O. BOX 25908


This is a complaint against G. Grady Richardson Jr. NCSB # 25508, 1213 Culbreth Drive, Wilmington, North Carolina 28405.

I reference what I posted directly to the Court and the Judge in a Frivolous Lawsuit assessed against me by one of your law less attorney’s in this State. That case is 17 VCS 3813. It is supposed to be a VERIFID COMPLAINT. verified by whom? This NC BAR does have Rules against Frivolous Lawsuits does it not? Let’s just start off with Rule 3.1. A lawyer shall not bring or defend a proceeding, or assert or controvert an issue therein. Just because I am not a licensed attorney does not mean that I cannot read and understand the laws. Apparently the attorney’s in this State do not understand this basic Rule. This attorney has lied and he has lied under oath and lied to the Court, Rule 3.3 and has allowed his clients to lie Rule 4.1, and when you do it under the guise of a Verified Complaint then you lied under oath which is perjury. We all know which State Statute NC perjury law is. So just what in the hell is this State Bar going to do about it?

I am demanding an investigation into my complaints with G. Grady Richardson and his cohort Mark L. Bibbs. Two of the most unprofessional lawyers that I have ever came across. In this case they are running interference for each other for their clients, Dallas McClain, Lyne Thompson and Carl Valentine and their companies.

But I wish for the moment to concentrate on G. Grady Richardson. Especially since I just wrote another complaint against Mark L. Bibbs in his own right. I know that these attorney’s have had more complaints then any of your other attorney’s combined.

Allow me to criticize this unprofessionally prepared complaint. First your licensed attorney fails to state any claim what so ever in accordance with the posted laws of this State. Just what are the schools in this State teaching these attorney’s. And just what is the State Bar allowing these lawyers to get away with. I will quote your own Rules against this so that there is no misinterpretation of what I am complaining about

1.)   Plaintiffs’ fail to state a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, tortious interference with contract, and tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, because the Verified Complaint reveals the absence of facts sufficient to establish such claims. Since the attorney of record on this case does not even state the claim for which relief can be granted then this puts this case into the garbage pail where it belongs.

2.)  Plaintiffs’ “IN OTHER WORDS THE ATTORNEY” have failed to plead properly for special damages or otherwise to plead damages required to sustain a claim liable or any other defamation, which is hereby pleaded in barring of any recovery whatsoever for the Plaintiffs’

3.)  The Plaintiffs’ “THE ATTORNEY AGAIN” has never produced a single accountable statement from a certified accountant or any other statement that even looks like a good lie for one. As REGUIRED BY LAW must be present in stating these damages.

4.)  My FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. There is no discussion here. The Supreme Court has ruled on my right to Blog. Apparently your attorney’s do not understand the First Amendment and need to get refresher classes to make them understand the law as it stands. But wait, YOUR BAR is in charge of that, are they not, when they find a lawyer that doesn’t understand the law. WELL?

5.)  Injunctive relief sought by ‘THE ATTORNEY AGAIN” would be unconstitutional. Point Blank. No discussion again. The State Court does not have authority to grant such a request or in this case a demand. But if the attorney of record is throwing a bunch of lies together and hopes like hell something sticks to something, somewhere, then I guess that you should go for the gusto. Make sure that he includes the kitchen sink.

6.)  The attorney of record is stating for the record for civil conspiracy. Imagine that will you. When G. Grady Richardson and Mark L. Bibbs are doing just that. In this case where I am just a witness in Mark L. Bibbs is gathering documentation from his case and immediately transferring those documents to another attorney not involved in the case. This NC BAR does understand the definition of civil conspiracy does it not? If not I will give it to you. The Lectric Law Library states the following: The elements of an action for civil conspiracy are the formation and damage resulting to Plaintiff from an act or acts in furtherance of common design. This board can look up the rest of what it says. On this paragraph I employ Rule 4.4 Respect for Rights OF Third Persons.

7.)  Your lawyers do not even look up the actual laws before they apply them to a complaint. I reference NCGS 75.1. Grady’s clients are professional bondsmen? I will leave that one up for someone else’s interpretation. If the attorney of record does not look up and understand the law that he is trying to apply to a complaint then he is bringing False Charges against me and is also making False Statements under oath. We all know the NCGS numbers for Making False Statements and the NC BAR RULES on that. But just what does one do when the NC BAR does not enforce those Rules?

8.)  This attorney will file suit against anyone for anything as long as you pay him enough, In this case $35,000.00 up front. Why? Because the NC BAR does not protect the general public against Lawyers just like these two attorney’s and the Frivolous Lawsuit that has been brought.

9.)  Communication from this attorney has been non-existent as stated in my Motion to Dismiss filed with the Court. And I wish a add those as a separate complaint to this NC Bar. Only after I complained to the Court did I start receiving emails. I want to include all communication with the court with this complaint.

10.)  I am demanding sanction from this BAR. Against this attorney. I will post everything, all communication with this BAR on my Website NCADVOCATE.NET to ensure just what you don’t do will also be posted.

11.)  I do know what a Writ Of Mandamus is and I will apply for one against the NC BAR unless it actually does its job against these attorney’s and start protecting the citizens of North Carolina.


I am beyond angry with our State Departments not doing the job that they were set up to do. Hence my run for Commissioner of Insurance in 2016. If the NC BAR does not do what it needs to do I will demand an investigation with the legislature? I refuse to allow bullies to use the laws of this State with the guise of public interests.




  1. Mr Pierce
    I read your article and must say I’m not 100% convinced of the alleged allegations against this said counselor-attorney. However..if you are 250% positive that your innocence in these vulgar texts are accurate…then u may do this at your own discretion of your own choice, voluntarily….NOT AN ATTEMPT TO CONSPIRE.

    If your a verizon customer., get on line with chat support thru the customer service links online. Give them your name, ALL PHONE NUMBERS, address, account number, and have them track your texts for the date in question of the alleged texts. Make sure you date and time ur inquiry at the top when you type the info.
    Upon looking at your account they will put their findings in WRITING and you’ll have it in writing without question so no one can say u altered a paper log.
    Screenshot..the info given and go from there.
    If you don’t have verizon and your carrier don’t offer online chat with a rep, u may get your cell records printed out and post them where you wish for ALL TO SEE

    Not saying you’d alter a document but deleting any opportunity by the opponent ahead of time is crucial. Also, a screenshot..allows you to post the results on public forum faster than anything else and that way there us no conspiracy. Word to the wise..get the time you sent the vulgar texts…and have the record checked the day before, the day of, and the day after the alleged incident took place. I’d also have them check and list all texts TO and FROM the attorney..screenshot…and post in public forum.
    Again..this guy is an attorney and I’M SURE he or she would NEVER allege anything without cold hard proof…JUST SAYING.