To anyone that is listening. I have just filed this complaint with every member of the house and it goes as follows:

To All Representatives and Senators of North Carolina. 20 June 2017.

Enclosed you will find my complaint to the House and senate, asking for an investigation into these actions, or I should say inactions. It basically states that the North Carolina Department of Insurance is NOT doing its job of enforcing the laws already established in this State. It is a true shame that the Secretary of State has to charge these individuals involved here, when it is the responsibilities’ of the department of Insurance to enforce insurance laws.

I want to state from the start, that this is not a vendetta, nor political in nature on my part. The legislature’s job, as I understand it, is on making sure that the Departments of the State are to perform their jobs in accordance with the laws of this State that you pass in the Senate and the House. I bring to everyone’s attention in particular the Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, Director of Criminal Investigations Division, Shane Guyant.

Complaining to the New Commissioner, “the new Commissioner of Insurance knows me well since I ran against him in the election of 2016”, “and he knows my story well because I have stated it openly”, and coming back to this, complaining to the Department of Insurance is, as I have found out a total waste of time. I have complained to the Attorney General’s Office, yet we all know it is the job of the Attorney General’s Office to protect the Departments of this State, and not the citizens of this State no matter what anyone wishes to believe.

Concentrating on Bail Bonds for the moment, this man “Shane Guyant” and his department have allowed Bail Bond Agents to continue to operate with disqualified individuals, break our laws of this State and still he allows them to operate openly. Shane Guyant has so called been investigating these individuals for over three years. There are at last count, 92 complaints filed against Dallas McClain, Cannon Surety, and Premier judicial going back to 2014. This is 2017 people. Yet no charges on the main characters.

You may find out that I ran for Commissioner of Insurance in the 2016 term, I will run again in 2020 for the Commissioner of Insurance position. This complaint has nothing to do with politics. I am demanding that the North Carolina Department of Insurance actually do its job on putting individuals in jail for breaking our laws. I really prefer to run my small construction company, since I make more money doing that. You can find all of my stories that I have posted on NCADVOCATE.NET.

Ther is no enforcement whatsoever for misdemeanors at the Department of Insurance, the only way to get Shane Guyant and his Department to investigate, is for a felony or what his department can make into a felony. This includes false charges for political and harassment of people like myself for telling the Department to their faces that they need to do their respected jobs.

You will also find out that I was a product of these Departments, and Shane Guyant’s corruption in 2014. Under Wayne Goodwin. I was falsely accused of 108 felony counts of obtaining property under false pretense. I faced these false charges down and all charges were removed “DROPPED” due to no probable cause to begin with. The old corrupt commissioner has been defeated in the last election yet the same individuals that are still engaging in corruption, and lying under oath, committing perjury, as Shane Guyant has done under affidavits directly to me, are still in place and still not doing their respective jobs in accordance with the laws of this State.

I do not bring idle charges, nor do I bring false claims. Enclosed you will find notes from Mark Cartret in an informal hearing that was held at 2 PM 15 June 2017. Although he is very windy in his presentation it clearly shows all of the corruption that is going on at the Department of Insurance.

If the House and Senate do not perform an investigation into these matters and make the Department of Insurance actually do its job, I will personally mail a copy of these documents to every voting citizen in this State. Then you can explain to everyone why not.