I want to bring to your attention to the newly filed lawsuit in New Orleans Louisiana. Class Action Lawsuit File Number 2:17 CV 5899.

What does it have to do with North Carolina ? Don’t worry I’ll put this together for you.

Southern Poverty Law Center posted on their website the Following: Two New Orleans Bail Bond Companies working with two other businesses charged clients hidden and illegal fees, even sending armed bounty hunters to kidnap clients and extorting monies from their friends and family according to a lawsuit filed by Southern Poverty Law Center.

Does any of this sound like the previous articles that I have been posting? It sure does. Look at the arrest of Mr. Armachain, from the Murphy and Cherokee area of North Carolina. He was charged with money laundering extortion, having sex with a child. Also using Cannon and Bankers as his Bonding Surety Company.

I am going to send correspondence to these attorney’s in Louisiana to see if I can get them to look into a Class Action Lawsuit for North Carolina. I know for a fact that cars, houses, and monies have been stolen, extortion from people who cannot afford it to begin with. Why these people? Because these people can be taken advantage of. Yet the North Carolina Department of Insurance has done nothing to individuals just like these. As with Dallas McClain and Cannon Surety LLC. Because I have been raising awareness of these individuals here in North Carolina. Dallas McClain, Carl Valentine and Lynette Thompson or one of her aliases have all filed a lawsuit against me and others to try and shut my website down and to shut me up. Well that is just not going to happen. I want action from the North Carolina department of Insurance now. If these corrupted individuals at this department do not want to do their respected jobs they can go elsewhere and we will find some real policing action at the Insurance Department.

There are 92 complaints listed as ongoing complaints with the Criminal Investigative section of the North Carolina Department Of Insurance. Specifically addressed to Shane Guyant sine he is the Director of the unit and also the Deputy Commissioner of Insurance.

Getting back to the lawsuit filed in New Orleans. Bankers, the bail bond surety company is named in this lawsuit. Guess who is also providing bail bond surety to Dallas McClain and Carl Valentine ? Ok that was too easy. Yes they do. Bankers who is headquartered out of Florida. Was supplying and is still supplying bail bonds for the agents of North Carolina for quite awhile.

Apparently with little or no oversight on the Bail Bond Agents that they write bail bonds through their company. Again it seems that the only thing they care about is the monies that these lawless people are paying to them.

More and more of these type of lawsuits are coming, this is only the beginning.




  1. What happened with the texts allegedly sent from you that were allegedly sent to an attorney that contained let’s say, “colorful” descriptive adjectives joined with a noun or two..”
    1. Did you get proof otherwise?

    Have a Great One.

    • Waiting on the phone company. I am not worried about me proving the truth. I am also waiting for the court and the NC BAR to demand Mark L. Bibbs phone records.

  2. I voted for Mr. Causey. Unfortunately he appears to be no different than the last guy the voters threw out. These guys you write about are operating 7 months under Mr. Causey.
    It is downright embarrassing that such is allowed to continue in our state. Why is Commissioner Causey allowing these type of people to operate in the manner they have? When the Commissioner of Insurance fails to do his job, who is left to protect us? We deserve better.

  3. Angela Hatchell: What a joke. Running around saying nobody at NCDOI has NEVER spoke to or communicated with Carl Valentine. From what I hear there is a 9 page email where Cannon was being created and names from NCDOI are on the email with Valentine. Rey Martinez, Angela Hatchell, Rebecca Shigley, Debbie Walker, Carl Valentine, L Thompson, McClain…and now I understand that the NCDOI put out a letter that said bail law was broken by valentine….the letter was from like 2007 or 2008. It will be funny when I contact DNA Bail Bonding. This lady’s husband was I think prosecuted or charged by an investigator at DOI for working with unlicensed person. Not that he’s guilty, but if they gonna charge 1, then charge them all..NCDOI let valentine manage agents and helped him set up an insurance company…so any agent would think he was licensed. Angela Hatchell…your a god damn lier and you need to find new employment. Mike Causey, step down….everyone knows Tim Moore is protecting the trio….and probably lining Causey pockets. Causey dont care, he took that job to be busy…he’s already retired, so he’s there to make a few bucks…keep the shit under the rug and the money hid in his pocket…Goodwin was bad…Causey is 10 times worse!

  4. Ron
    Please post Bibb’s phone records and your records upon receiving them. I want to get a good laugh.
    Bibbs can do whatever he wants it looks like, DWI LEVEL 4, anyone else would have already done time.


  5. Ron
    Add the name Leanne. Refalko to that 9 page email list of people that helped set Cannon up. Her name is all over it. I’ll get back to you on Saturday about this. I just received the 9 page email…I’ll take pictures and post them online for all to see…thank you Angela Hatchell…oh by the way…Cannon charged a whole slew of people money other than bond premiums…I now possess an email from ncdoi stating that no bondsman can charge for anything other than premium. For instance, if 10% is charged…that’s it. The other 5% is not allowed to be charged…so why do I have a list of almost 20 to 26 customers in NC that were charged for check in serices by Ms Kim. Oh by the way, the phone number listed on the check in forms is showing to belong to none other than Carl Valentine. 336 264 0557. I think that’s the correct number.
    I know I have this business card for this service and the agent is stating they can get me the case numbers, names, phone numbers, counties…the whole 15 yards.
    Hope that Angela Hatchell is enjoying her lies…she’s gonna get called out…it’s coming

    • If all of this information can be obtained I am sure that I can find an attorney to bring suit as a class action here in NC.