USAA, who advertises that it’s company is there for you, for all of your insurance and banking needs, because you are currently, or were from the military. If you have a claim with this company they tell you that they have you protected.

Well I have news for all of you USAA Insurance customers, half of every claim is the insurance adjuster that this and all other insurance companies send out to your claim. It does not matter if it is a Wind or Hail claim on your roof or if it is for a fire on your home.

In this court case it was for Wind and Hail. The difference here is the homeowner was an attorney. Who promptly took USAA to court. The jury agreed with this attorney and homeowner with a very large settlement in his favor. Because this attorney proved that this insurance company committed fraud, breach of contract “the insurance policy”, and has done this same thing on a multitude of other claims. I wrote over 20 complaints, and complained to the North Carolina Department of Insurance of this exact same abuse on the exact same insurance companies and was put under an investigation for it.

What about you and your home, are you one of the trustful people that think that whichever insurance company that you have will take care of you? Do you?

If you are one of those trustful people good luck to you. I have to deal with insurance adjusters everyday. Some, and I do mean some. Are very professional and do there job correctly and try and help there policy holders out every way that they can on getting the home put back together before the storm or fire.

However, it is getting to the point that these adjusters are getting few and far between. It’s like winning the lottery. Over 260 million chance of winning.

What happens is the adjusters find enough damage and do the claim but intentionally under pay you or your contractor on each and every claim. Why? Because the insurance company instructs them to do it. Of course to save money. These insurance companies hire people to do what is called percentages. What would happen to the claim if they intentionally left out 30 to 40% of what it will actually cost to put the home back to its original condition.

ALLSTATE is especially gifted at this. Look up ALLSTATE and the MACKENSIE DOVUMENTS. Where in court they had to disclose that they were indeed doing this as a company policy. All other insurance companies do this same thing now.