I wish to be blunt with this communication. I am demanding an investigation from the House and Senate into the dealings within your Criminal Investigations Department. I should have said inaction from your Departments. Agent Services and Criminal Investigations. Especially Christopher Shane Guyant. Deputy Commissioner and Director of Criminal Investigations. For the following reasons:

1.)  Incompetence at best and criminal at worst, in the position of being Director. He has so called been investigating Dallas McClain, Lynette Thompson, and revoked licensee Carl Valentine, to include their front company Cannon Surety for three years. How can a person investigate people for three years and not bring charges unless your incompetent or you are in a corrupt relationship with them?

2.)  There are over 92, NINTY TWO, complaints already filed against these individuals and their companies with the Department of Insurance.

3.)  I am involved in a lawsuit from these individuals due to your Director’s incompetence, and of course, he is not doing his job, and me taking on your job of exposing these individuals’ criminal activities to the citizens of North Carolina.

4.)  In my website ncadvocate.net. You may wish to find the truth here since I will be using all of the information collected against you in court in the near term, and in the public eye when I run against you for the 2020 elections. I send this letter so that you cannot say that I did not express my concerns or demands when I start speaking at these engagements in the near future.

5.)  I will file a Writ of Mandamus with the court against the Department of Insurance and Shane Guyant. The press will love that against you. If you don’t know what a Writ of Mandamus is you had better find out.

6.)   I am demanding an IRS investigation into the money laundering that Shane Guyant has allowed continuing in the State for three very long years, to include the RICO activities of Dallas McClain, Lynette Thompson and Carl Valentine and Cannon Surety.

7.)  I am demanding an FBI investigation into these people and the involvement of the Deputy Commissioners involved here in the cover up of these activities.

8.)  I will also be bringing the Department of Insurance into my counter suit against these people.

9.)  Mike is it not amazing to everyone, except to your people that you have not done nothing and of course that the Secretary of State has to do yours and Shane Guyant’s job of arresting these people and placing charges against them. Is it not the job of Shane Guyant to bring charges when it pertains to insurance related matters? He had no problem bringing false charges against me and then lying about it. just to remind you that it is your position as Commissioner of Insurance to be the Chief Enforcement Officer in this State in and on insurance related matters of this State.

10.)  I am preparing letters to be printed and sent to every voter in North Carolina on just what your Criminal Investigators are not doing. I will cover the cost of these letters as a preamp to me running for Commissioner of Insurance in 2020, so please don’t think that I am just saying this to say it.

11.)  I don’t need to go out and find problems with the Department of Insurance. It comes directly to me, because your people, I have found out, have been involved in corruption for years under Wayne Goodwin and his attorney buddies like G. Grady Richardson and especially Mark L. Bibbs. You do remember the news stories from Aug of 2016 that exposed the corruption and relationship between the two. Do you know who was behind it? If not just see the NC BAR complaint that I have filed on Wayne Goodwin and Mark L. Bibbs, Your people can get a copy for you. It was the deciding factor that made you win the election. All you have to do is look at the numbers on votes on the 2012 election. Those stories cost Wayne Goodwin over 250,000 votes. And I enjoyed doing it.

I will not go away on these issues. If you don’t do your job here, you will suffer the consequences not me. As I told you and everyone else speaking at these engagements, I will change the way the corrupt Department of Insurance is ran and how it is dealing with people. You stood up and told everyone that you were going to change the complaint process and of course how your Criminal Investigation Division is being run. The honeymoon is over, as you being new to the job. You wanted this position, now let’s see what you are going to do. Also Tim Moore will only be able to help you so far.

You already know how this department screwed me over and put me illegally in jail. With their trumped up 108 False Felony Charges. I want everyone in North Carolina to know how Shane Guyant and everyone that signed affidavits on my lawsuit against the State lied under oath and committed perjury. And these are the people who are still in their positions of power and corruptible influence.




  1. My husband worked for a company since 2003 in Raleigh. He paid on his short and low no term disability for years. They stole a lot of money from my husband by charging him him for a daily plan instead of employee and spouse. They got rid of him after he used his disability insurance for a total hip replacement. And they gave us an unsanitized copy of his file. And they would keep putting health insurance on my daughter even after I would fill out the form to take her off. NCDOI didn’t care. It’s just a big money scam. Insurance providers, agents and employers are now partners. They are all getting rich and there is nothing we can do about it Bc we are not rich

    • Mike Causey and the North Carolina Department of Insurance do not care. Your only option is to get an attorney and bring suit. The problem with all of this is the attorney only wants your money and also could care less. This is a sad day where you cannot find true help. I will run again in 2020 to try and make a difference.