I am posting what I have sent to every member of the House Insurance Committee. I wanted to post it here so that everyone is made aware of it.

House Insurance Committee

Chairman Rep. Bumgardner

Chairman Rep. Setzer

Vice Chairman Rep. Dobson

Vice Chairman Rep. Gill

Members…..Rep. Arp, Rep. Ball, Rep. Brawley, Rep. Carey, Rep. Collins, Rep. Corbin, Rep. Dollar, Rep. Dulin, Rep. Earle, Rep. Destin Hall, Rep. K. Hall, Rep. Hanes, Rep. Holly, Rep. Horn, Rep. Howard, Rep. Lier, Rep. Insko, Rep. John, Rep. Johnson, Rep. Lambeth, Rep. Lewis, Rep. Lucas, Rep. Malone, rep. McElraft, Rep. R. Moore, Rep. Murphy, Rep. Pierce, Rep. W. Richardson, Rep. Wray.

Ladies and Gentleman,

I wish to make this a formal complaint to your Committee, and diligently ask for an investigation into the corruption, and manipulation, and outright ignorance of our laws of this State by members of the North Carolina Department of Insurance, especially the Criminal Investigations Unit.

I have taken my case of Wrongful Persecution and Wrongful Arrest, to air my grievances to the Federal Court, but was blocked by the United States 11 Amendment, after several thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees to no avail. I have filed complaints with the Ethics Commissions, which was a waste of good time and paper. I have wrote complaints to the NC Bar which have resulted in no useful control as of yet. I have just wrote a complaint to every member of the House and Senate.

I will not allow what has happened and transpired to me, be allowed to happen to another person in this State. If you are not aware of what has transpired I will reiterate it for you here.

I made about 20 written complaints to the North Carolina Department of Insurance in 2012, and demanded that they perform their jobs on policing the insurance companies doing business in this State in accordance with NCGS 58-1, namely by Farm Bureau and Erie Insurance Companies.

What I received instead from the Department of Insurance was a full blown investigation into me and my construction companies, instead of what was, or I should say was not happening in my complaints against the insurance companies. Either way it showed me that corruption was so ramped at the Department, or there was total disregard for the laws of this State and the enforcement of those laws.

Since the Department of Insurance Criminal Investigators Unit could not find anything of value to put me into jail for. Shane Guyant and his subornments fabricated charges against me. I faced these charges down after a year and all charges were dismissed due to No Probable Cause to begin with. Yet my reputation has been ruined. I still lose contracts everyday due to the wrongful persecution of me, by the department of Insurance. The last contract was for over $ 10,000.00.

Mike Causey, our new Commissioner of Insurance, knows all about this and openly admitted that what was done to me was totally wrong. Yet this individual, Shane Guyant, is still in power, and still, is as corrupt as ever, so is several of his investigators. If you have someone who openly lies on affidavits and openly perjuries himself as Shane Guyant has done in my Court Case, then there is no need for their services at the Department of Insurance.

How can a person, who is worse than the criminals that he is supposed to be investigating, perform at his post? I don’t take just what happened to me. I am including his investigation into the Bail Bond side of the Department of Insurance.

You will find out as I have found out that the Criminal Investigations Unit has not arrested anyone related to the Bail Bond Complaints related to Dallas McClain and Cannon Surety, 92 COMPLAINTS…..Why?

This man Dallas McClain has had all of his employees directly under him arrested by the Secretary of State for fraud and other felonies. Yet absolutely no arrests from the Department of Insurance and Shane Guyant. I ask again WHY NOT?

A bail Bond Agent in and around the Cherokee Nation was arrested within the past couple of months, his name is Armachain, who was, and still is a Cannon agent under Dallas McClain, Mr. Armachain was arrested for everything from money laundering to rape of under age girls. Who was the arresting body here, not the Department of Insurance but the FBI?

I could go on and on. You can find all of these stories on my website, since I have posted them there.

I ran for Commissioner of Insurance on the last term of 2016. I will run again in 2020. If these calls of mine for justice and change does not happen very soon I will draft a letter to every voting citizen in North Carolina.

I will not accept a bandage fix on this. Real change needs to happen at the Department of Insurance. I have already told Mike Causey in a phone call, that I would fix the problems there at the Department of Insurance. He has not taken me up on my offer. Ladies and Gentlemen I will not go away. The ball as they say is in your court.