North Carolina Bail Bondsman Timothy Mathis of Union County was sentenced today and taken away to prison for at least 13 months and maybe up to 24 months by the Union County DA on three different felony’s.

Hey Tim, you have helped lock up and taken to jail many a person from Union County and the surrounding counties. I hope that you enjoy being in a cell all by yourself. If you go to general population someone is going to shank you. I’ll be watching to see what happens.

In those charges that Timothy Mathis went to prison for were for filing false reports, where did I hear those charges before? Oh yea, Mike Schon was it…filing false reports and false death certificates with the court system…….. and Obtaining Property Under False Pretense.

To those who don’t know who Tim Mathis is, he was also affiliated with Dallas McClain, Lynette Thompson, and Carl Valentine, to include Cannon Surety and NC Bail Academy where he was an instructor for that Bail Bond School.

He was also Dallas McClain and Mark L. Bibbs right hand man. Who now used, to deliver Mark L. Bibbs’ subpoena’s to me, when I, “DEMANDED”, instructed attorney Mark L. Bibbs to use the Sheriffs Office for this service.

I guess that attorney Mark L. Bibbs will have to use the Sheriffs Office now. It’s to bad in another way, as I wanted to have Timothy Mathis arrested for trespassing on my own property. I guess that I will have to wait on that.

Several things will happen now that Timothy Mathis was convicted under those charges. After he serves his sentence though. It looks like your attorney Mark L. Bibbs didn’t get you off this time. It only takes once to be convicted though.

First, he will not be able to carry a firearm, legally anyways. They give you a much longer sentence for illegal firearms then just a year or two. No voting rights, although I don’t think that Tim Mathis really cared about that. He has lost his Bail Bond License to include his instructors license. And you already know that the NC Department of Insurance wanted those license after they lost in court against him. All of this for his association with people like Dallas McClain, Lynette Thompson, and Carl valentine. Don’t worry people your convictions are next.

Hey Dallas, do you feel your circle of friends getting smaller and smaller. You should. I understand that your girl Perla Lopez is going to trial at the end of this month. For her felony charges, her brother and the others like Mike Schon and Janet Rameriz are to follow soon.

And you Dallas McClain, have the audacity to file suit against me. Don’t worry I have something planned for you and your criminal underground. At the end of this month I will surprise you and your attorney with it. I hope that you will enjoy what’s coming as much as I will.

I am having a drink for Tim. When you three go down I’ll go out to dinner and have a fat steak and toast the vanquished.


  1. You are to be commended. And I do hope Jack Teague of Union county here’s about all this! Jack was one of the best bailbondsmen in our state. Honest and fair, Jack was! And sir, do tell how that steak tastes in the future!

  2. Referring back to previous a story in regards to some “colorful-professional-pornographic texts” that were “allegedly” sent from Mr Pierce to a lets say, “upstanding righteous” attorney…did the records arrive from the phone company..?

    • The phone company sent me a list of all of the calls received and sent but no texts. I had to send a letter to their legal department to try and get them. I did that this week. If that doesn’t happen I’ll have to pay an attorney to get them via the court. Ron