If you haven’t looked outside lately you will see other people other then myself attacking the proverbial good old boy network that is well entrenched, not only in the North Carolina political arena, but the different State departments. I bring your attention to the fight going on since 2016 with the Secretary of State’s position.

Elaine Marshall runs the Secretary of State and has done so for many years “well entrenched”. The problem with being in charge of a State governing body like the North Carolina Department of Insurance and the Secretary of State is for the minor fact of these people are and have been complacent in there jobs. Well besides the fact of selling out your position of Commissioner of Insurance like Wayne Goodwin did with his collage attorney buddies.

Michael Lapaglia who ran against Elaine Marshall in the last race in the 2016 term has already openly stated that Elaine Marshal has not been doing her job in several different areas.

Let’s take on the current fight going on in the House here in North Carolina. A committee from the House has investigated Elaine Marshall’s Office and has stated openly that she has allowed illegal aliens to become licensed as Notaries in this State. The laws of this State are very specific on whom may become licensed in this State, not only for this position but for becoming a licensed Bail Bond Agent as well as anything to do with selling or being around insurance.

This is just another example of these different State departments not following the laws prescribed by our legislative branch and passed into law by the House. Everyone knows my fight with the North Carolina Department of Insurance not enforcing the laws of this State. Well now you have another Department of this State not following our laws. What do you do about it though?

First and foremost we as citizens must openly cry out about the wrongfulness of it. Second we must do something about it…..but what?

I have myself taken into Federal Court the Department of Insurance and some of the corrupt people in position, and a Federal Judge dismissed the case after me spending about $30,000.00 in attorney’s fees, for my case coming directly up against the 11 Amendment. Which states that a citizen cannot bring suit against a State or Federal governmental body unless that governmental body allows it.

What this does, is it allows Elaine Marshall and people like her to feel that no one can touch her. That is just not so. House Representatives are calling for her impeachment as this is being written. But it is and will always be a war to get anything changed in this State due to the incestuous relationships that have gone on in this State since it’s creation. It also takes someone like myself to stand up against the system and cry out as loud as you can “FOUL” and hope like hell someone else is listening.

Someone is listening in this matter, it is called the House of Representatives. But we have seen this before many, many times. Governors put in jail, city of Charlotte Mayor put in jail for taking kickbacks, this just goes on and on. These are just the morons who thought that they could not be touched. There will always be someone of power who thinks that they can break every law that they can and get away with it.

Hence the wars continue. My personal war with the Department of Insurance is that yes there is a new Commissioner of Insurance, no matter who it is, but most of the actual corruptors are still in their positions of wielding there spider webs of corruption, are still in place, like Shane Guyant the Director of Criminal Investigations. This man is the ideal candidate for a shanking in prison. Shane Guyant lies better than the law breakers that he is supposed to be going after for breaking the insurance laws of this State.

Not only am I demanding that he to be fired, I am demanding that he to be brought up on charges and put into jail for corruption.

People I will not go away.