Hello everyone. I hope that you are having a good day, if not this information that I am about to give you might not get you to that better place.

Everyone knows about the legal war going on with Premier Judicial Consultants LLC, who owns Cannon Surety LLC outright. Well it looks like you might want to find another company and a new set of people to do your Bail Bonds with.

The primary owner, and manager, Dallas McClain has said in court paperwork that this company is insolvent. That it is not making money, enough to pay its debt to Robert Brawley for putting up $850,000.00 to get this company started to begin with. $11,000.00 per month owed by Dallas McClain and Cannon Surety. The total amount owed to date is set at $121,000.00, according to court documents that I received. Now there is a Motion to Dissolve the LLC with the court.

Well Dallas, you cannot have it both ways, or in your own words 4 different ways. Dallas you state in affidavits that Cannon Surety is not making enough money to cover it’s debt, does this have anything to do with the monies that you diverted into lets say Piedmont Bail Bonds, or one of the other Bail Bond companies that you have been diverting funds into since you opened this cash cow. Well what about the facts that you said that you cannot get good people under Cannon Contracts because of the bad mouthing of people like me and others? No, how can that be when you went from 60 to over 260 Bail Bond Agents in just the past 12 months. I guess that was just another lie ? I guess that all of that illegal proliferating of new agents from the school has not helped your numbers to grow? Then you cannot imagine that this illegal enterprise is also called RICO. You do know what RICO charges stem from don’t you. It called a criminal enterprise.

That means this company is broke. But wait how can this be, if the North Carolina Department of Insurance has not pulled the plug itself on this company? Is this a lie? How can that be when this company has over One Hundred Million in outstanding bonds in Bail Bonds I should have said in this State?

You do remember signing contracts with Dallas McClain and Lynette Thompson to include the godfather of them all Carl Valentine with Cannon Surety after you attended Lynette Thompsons school of NC Bail Academy, and these same three individuals enticed and recruited you from those classes don’t you? Well people this was and still is illegal in this State of North Carolina. You didn’t know that? Well don’t worry myself and several others do know that this is illegal and it will be a matter of time before they lower the hammer on you.

Well I think that we all should meet at the courthouse as follows:


Please take notice that defendant, by and through his undersigned counsel, will bring on for hearing a Motion To Dissolve Plaintiff PJC. LLC. Before the presiding Judge of Superior Court of Guilford County, at Guilford County Courthouse, Courtroom 3-H. 201 S. Eugene Street, Greensboro, NC. on the 7th day of August, 2017 at 10:00 o’clock am., or  as soon thereafter as it may be reached by the court.

Well attorney Mark Bibbs? What are you going to pull out of your ass for this one. Either way it’s going to be interesting on what lies you bring out to save this one. Remember I get to use whatever lies that you tell against you in according to the NC BAR. You obviously don’t think ahead on your counter moves for your cases. You have had Dallas McClain say in affidavits that the company is not making monies, now the person that is supposed to be paid those monies is calling you on your bluff. Since the company is not making monies then Robert Brawley is legally allowed to get the company dissolved. Nice move on your part. Do you always run all of your cases like this. If so, I think that you should give up your license and save us the trouble of getting your license yanked by the NC BAR.