This is my personal opinion of dealing with attorney’s and their good old boy network of Judges in North Carolina, spanning over 40 years. Without any doubt in my mind, this is a good old boy system, of the greatest proportion. First if you don’t have up front monies available you are already screwed in this process even before you begin. Next what about all of the monies that your so called officer of the court will charge you for two other attorneys that they actually have doing so called research on the laws surrounding your cause. All billed by the hour, minute, phone call. Attorney’s will not even accept a phone call unless they are getting paid by billing one of their clients for it, minimum 15 minutes for a two minute phone call, or the attorney will not charge for initial visits or phone calls in hopes of a new lawsuit that they can file in court to make it back up ten fold in the near future. Second, always remember this, all of the judges used to be attorney’s.

If you want to bring suit against someone you had better find an attorney that will work only for you and not themselves. This alone is damn near impossible. Why you ask ? After you are gone, these attorney’s will have to deal with these same attorney’s in the future, on another case that they are working on, so you as their client will not get a fair shake. Please know this going in before you hire that so called officer of the Courts.

I’ll give you an example of what I am referring to. Let’s say that YOU HAVE TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST A LAWSUIT. If you want to defend yourself in court instead of hiring an attorney, the cards are stacked against you from the very beginning if you don’t hire one. Why ?

You probably don’t know the law, what about the Rules of Procedure from North Carolina ? OK, what about the Constitution ? Civil Rights ? Contract Law ? This goes on and on.

Attorney’s will give each other breaks on when they make a mistake, and they bend over backwards to help each other even when they are supposed to be opponents. Opponents my ass they are in bed with each other, this includes the courts, if not literally then they are by them protecting each others backsides. Your attorney has to be one of the stupidest attorneys around to be given disciplined by the court. And that will only happen if that attorney does not give respect to the good old by network.

Your attorney will not attack the other attorney when the other attorney is filing a Frivolous Lawsuit against you. Why not ? Because it is their profession against the world ! Its the system that they created. Who do you think drafted these rules and procedures and then got them passed into law ? ATTORNEYS. But getting back to the rules of North Carolina, the subject of frivolous lawsuits itself is against all of the Rules from the NC Bar. And North Carolina Law itself. I can absolutely tell you that the NC Bar will not admonish anything that any attorney does like this.

It’s just like bring charges against a doctor and an engineer in North Carolina. These so called protection systems were made up to protect the general public, and everyone of them are being used to protect the system and not the general public.

So why do we need attorney’s to begin with ?

These are my ramblings for the day. Just beware of what you are fighting about. Most of the time it is just not worth it to be involved to begin with.