I would like to start you off on this post with only one question. Guess who is involved with this corruption ? If you guessed the NC Department of Insurance, and the same people that have been doing the same corruption for years in this Department, you would be correct. Let me give you the names of the corruptors in case you have not read any of my other posts. But wait a damn minute, we are supposed to have a new Commissioner of Insurance in office now, are we not ? Well it appears that he, MIKE CAUSEY, is just another lame duck politician, just like the rest of them in Raleigh.

Why, as a citizen of North Carolina can we not get people in place that will actually do their jobs, and not sell the office to the highest bidder? Let me just state up front that I personally do not think that Mike Causey even knows about these acts of corruption, but as of very soon he sure will know. And if Mike Causey does not do anything about it, I will hold him responsible when I run for the office of Commissioner of Insurance for 2020.

Let me inform you on this latest act of corruption that transpired. I have a copy of the complete file in accordance with NCGS CH. 132. The North Carolina Public Records Law. The Department of Insurance, Tom West, Angela Hatchel, Nicole Williams received a complaint from Brandi Johnson, ASD File # 41332 Against Liberty and Associates. First this company’s information is automatically forwarded to Better Deal, LLC. The registered Agent for this company is no other than Carl Valentine, a revoked licensed individual in the State of North Carolina and Virginia who was again caught doing business in the State of North Carolina in the form of providing Bail Bonds in this State this year. You can pretty much guess who the attorney that is involved with this complaint is……yes, you guessed it no other than Mark L. Bibbs, Bibbs Law Group. One of the most lying individuals that I have ever meet in my life. I am in a lawsuit with these same lying individuals as of the posting of this onto my website. This lawsuit was placed against me by Dallas McClain and Carl Valentine to include Dallas McClain’s girlfriend Lynette Thompson.

But what does not surprise me is the fact that the North Carolina Department of Insurance has in fact dismissed this complaint against these individuals with full knowledge of the North Carolina Attorney Generals Office and Denise Stanford and Daniel Johnson. Talk about corruption, this is it in the finest fashion. It seems that the honest citizens of North Carolina can not catch a break. Until these corrupt individuals are fired from their positions and new uncorrupted people take their place, can we get the North Carolina Department of Insurance, to actually fulfill their positions and start acting on the behalf of the citizen of this State.

I will again forward this act of corruption to each representative of this State. I will continue to do this each and every time until someone actually does something to rid this State of the corruption.