Let me try and set you up properly for this situation.

Let’s say someone has placed a lawsuit against you in a frivolous lawsuit. In an attempt to defraud (yes, I said defraud) you is some form or fashion. This happens everyday that an unscrupulous attorney is involved. And we have thousands of these so called Officers of the Court here in North Carolina. Remember an attorney and the Court is not looking for justice as the JUDICIAL SYSTEM wants you to believe. That, in my opinion that is a total breakdown of our democracy. But let me continue.

An unscrupulous attorney has filed a lawsuit against you for no other reason other than to harass you, as in the situation with Ken Robol and the Raleigh Mafia. In case you have no idea who that is I will explain. Attorney Mark Bibbs and the Bibbs Law Group, Dallas McClain, Carl Valentine, Lynette Thompson and their RICO companies. Well lets see…..the attorney for anyone to defend themselves in any lawsuit will cost at a minimum $40,000.00. In todays attorney market. Remember here that attorney’s are not really interested in what is right or wrong. All attorney’s are interested in getting paid, nothing more. So let’s continue.

Finally after this attorney has dragged this frivolous lawsuit out in the court system with pleadings and motions as a form of harassment against you, and has ran your attorney bill up as high as possible. All of a sudden this unscrupulous attorney that brought the suit to begin with notifies your attorney that the night before the hearing that your attorney has brought into court agrees to dismiss the lawsuit against you or in this situation against Ken Robol.

OK, now the real question begins here…..What would you do here ? Would you say, ok, I’m tired of worrying about all of this legal garbage, and laying out cash, that you do not have readily available. The mental stress of this uninvited lawsuit has your nerves frazzled and has caused at least one or more arguments with your spouse for, and I am putting it lightly, “What in the hell have you gotten us into”. To now, our life savings are gone, what are we going to do now?

Or, if you are anything like me. And fight these morons at every step. I will fight until there is no further breath in my body. Why ?  Because attorney’s and people like these attorney’s will continue to harass people like me, and others like me who stand up for what is right.

Are you willing to walk away from $40,000.00 dollars because you don’t want to fight ? If you are one of these week minded individuals than you deserve to take a spanking and lose a year of your wages, because you have no back bone.