WBTV broke a story yesterday on attorney MARK L. BIBBS, of Bibbs Law Group of Raleigh. With the headline of; LOBBYIST FACES CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION AFTER WBTV UNCOVERED UNREGISERED LOBBYING. This is the same scumbag attorney that I have been battling since last year who represents, who I also like to refer to as the Raleigh Mafia. Mark L. Bibbs who has as his client’s are Dallas McClain a so called 75% owner of Cannon Surety and Premier Judicial, Carl Valentine a revoked licensed Bail Bondsmen, and Lynette Thompson or Mina Mustang or one of her other 15 aliases, who is Dallas McClain’s girlfriend and who owns and operates NC Bail Academy.

Now getting back to this story from WBTV. But before I get started let me make note of… Two other notable previous stories from WBTV on the same group of people above are; Lobbying complaint filed against lawyer with ties to Speaker of the House Tim Moore, and now EX-Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. AND, Former Lawmaker: NC (NOW EX) Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin failed to act on disqualified Bail Agent. First guess who the disqualified Bail Agent is. If you guessed Carl Valentine then yes you would be correct. He is the so called Manager of Cannon Surety. Of which is directly against the law. As a side note here, the NEW Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey has not taken any action on this same individual Carl Valentine. So where does that leave all of us law abiding citizens ? What else but screwed. The NEW Insurance Commissioner MIKE CAUSEY is not doing his job on enforcing the laws of this STATE.

What I here from the GRAPE VINE is that arrest warrants are coming soon, since from this story, probable cause has already been found. Probable Cause is all any prosecutor or magistrate needs to bring charges against anyone.

I have filed two complaints against attorney Mark L. Bibbs to the NC State Bar. The State Bar has done absolutely nothing as it seems as usual state of business here in North Carolina. I guess that the State Bar will actually have to get off their collected asses now and finally do something about and to this scumbag. It’s not like I haven’t warned them about him and his criminal activity with Wayne Goodwin.

In a previous post of mine about one of the Raleigh Mafia’s participants, Tim Mathis, I stated that I was going to have a beer for the vanquished “Tim Mathis” whom is now serving time in North Carolina’s penial system. In that same post I stated that when these other people like Mark L. Bibbs gets arrested, I would just have to go out and have a nice thick steak. I think that time of having that steak is drawing very near. My celebration is about to begin. But I will wait until it actually happens. I just want Dallas McClain, Mark L. Bibbs, Carl Valentine, and Lynette Thompson to think about me when they are getting those hand cuffs put on and their asses hauled off to jail. Need I say more ?