What is fast becoming my most favorite subjects in this State. Mark L. Bibbs, Dallas McClain, Lynette Thompson or Mina Mustian or one of her several other aliases, Carl Valentine, and their combined companies and others that I am prohibited from saying anything about from the court, because it is being fought out in court right now by me and others. Let me get right to it. Directly from freshly released, unsealed search warrants issued by the North Carolina Secretary of State in Wake County, to include the investigators notes and conclusions.

Two news stories have already have been printed on these same individuals. They are WBTV in Charlotte, and News and Observer in Raleigh. So since they printed these stories I guess that I can also comment. The problem with their reporting is the facts that they just gloss over everything and don’t really show anything. I here to give you the real “SKIN” of the game that these people are playing.

First one, Capital Bank-Cannon Surety, LLC. By Special Agent A. H. Jones. 9/7/2016, FOR Lobbying Act Violation- NCGS 120C-200. Issued by Superior Court Judge Ridgeway. Property to be Seized………Copies of certain financial record documents.

From these documents it clearly shows that Mark L. Bibbs resigned from his Lobbying contract with the Secretary of State and then went back to the Secretary of State and tried to blame his actions of resigning from his position to include all other contracts on Lobbying with the Secretary of State. OH MY !  Mark Bibbs you just got caught in another lie. Imagine that, you getting caught in another lie. This was just a class 1 misdemeanor and a $5,000.00 fine Mark Bibbs. Why would you lie about something as minor as that ? Oh that’s right you lie as much as you think that you can possibly get away with don’t you ? Then you proceeded to have your cohorts change invoices from Cannon Surety and Dallas McClain to show that you were not being paid by these people. Well you got caught by the investigators from the Secretary of State. That is called Obstruction. So you Mark L. Bibbs went from a Class 1 Misdemeanor to a major Felony.  And the Checks involved in this, when you changed what they were for, you know, your Lobbying to saying that your fees were for something else, is now money laundering. Another major Felony.

All North Carolina knows that the North Carolina Bar is absolutely worthless on policing the conduct of the attorney’s of this State. But, me reminding this inept and incompetent body of their worthlessness every time that I can won’t hurt my feelings any.

After many other posts and stories that I have posted on this website it all brings me back to the same question. And that is…….Where in the hell is the North Carolina Department of Insurance in all of this ???????? I’ll answer that if you don’t mind. Being bribed and bought by the political machine of the Raleigh Mafia. This is also called RICO people.

Let’s get back to the Search warrants. This one on Mark L. Bibbs and Long Leaf Pine Consulting, LLC. at Bank of America. Served 3/7/2017 at 12:15 pm.  Pertaining to all accounts open and closed. From January 2015 to December 2016. In this affidavit and pleadings involved in this Search Warrant on December 9, 2016 Investigator Jones and Rose interviewed Mark L. Bibbs. Bibbs admitted he lobbied for Cannon while not being registered. At this same interview Bibbs also admitted being paid monthly by Cannon Surety and North Carolina Bail Academy for his lobbying work.

In this interview Bibbs also stated that he kept all of his lobbying separate from his legal banking accounts. Investigator Jones viewed the reports that have to be given for quarterly reports filed with the State which shows “ZERO EXPENSE”  Yet, McClain with Cannon certified that combined payments of $24,000.00. Were indeed given to Bibbs. OK, that means Bibbs is also falsifying reports given to the State. Wow, you just get deeper and deeper Bibbs.

Mark Bibbs then stated that he stopped lobbying for Lynette Thompson and North Carolina Bail Academy when Thompson sent the Lobby Division an Affidavit in October 2015 stating her July 2015 principle registration had been filed in error. Bibbs stated to the investigators that his contract with Thompson and NCBA had been the same as with Cannon and McClain’s contract in 2015. Bibbs advised the investigators that he did not represent Thompson/NCBA at all in 2016. However official records and audio files from the NC Courts Commission hearing contradict Bibb’s statements. All of these statements are shown on page 11 of these Affidavits.

When investigator Jones did a background check on Lynette Thompson it came back a bit surprising. Jones found that Lynette Thompsons NC Drivers License, NC Appraisers License, and NC Real Estate License  are all in the name of and signed  “MINA MUSTIAN”. The NC License #5609281 revealed the name on record has always been Mina Lynette Mustian since first issued in 1978. Mustian’s license was renewed in July 2015. The investigator Jones questioned her about this name and she admitted she was also Lyne Thompson. Mustian/Thompson then advised the investigator that she could not recall the city/town or location of her marriage to Thompson. Wait a minute here!!! How does one forget how, where and when you were married to some one of and for 33 years.

This article only cover one of five Search Warrants. More posts to cover the rest will follow.

This again at the conclusions of this post brings me back to the obvious question of how in the hell is the North Carolina Department of Insurance not doing its job of getting these criminals off the streets. My only conclusion has to be the real law abiding people at the Department of Insurance are being blocked by the upper management of this State funded taxes paid worthless Department. You can come up with your own conclusion I have mine.