To all Cannon Surety Appointees, Cannon Surety LLC, Cannon Surety LLC Appointees:

First…….it’s about damn time! 92 complaints against this company and individuals involved before the North Carolina Department of Insurance got off of their collective asses and shut this criminal organization down. With the following statement;


The Bail Bond Regulatory Division of the North Carolina Department of Insurance wanted to inform all interested parties of changes affecting the appointed individuals with Cannon Surety LLC. Pursuant to an Order Issued by Wake County Superior Court pursuant to NCGS 58-30-65, effective Thursday September 28, 2017 at 10AM all individuals who are appointed to Cannon Surety LLC. Must cease and desist from becoming liable on any further bonds.

Surety Bondsman are prohibited from writing any bonds on Cannon Surety LLC. powers.

Surety Bondsman are instructed to immediately submit weekly reports along with any unused powers and all premiums due to Cannon Surety LLC to the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Send all powers and premiums to NCDOI Financial Analysis and Receivership Division-FARD 1203 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC. 27699

Please note that consistent with all contractual and statutory requirements, Surety Bondsman appointed by Cannon Surety LLC will continue to be responsible for ALL outstanding liabilities. Please note that if the only appointment you have is with Cannon Surety LLC. you are no longer authorized to write any bonds until you have obtained an appointment from another Surety Company.

Well thank you NCDOI for allowing me to have a nice fine STEAK for the closure of Cannon Surety LLC. and its so called owners Dallas McClain, Lynette Thompson, Carl Valentine. And of course the person that you suckered into giving you his money to begin with Robert Brawley.

A liquidation order has been so ordered.

Which brings me to a couple of basic questions here. Where are you going to feed your corruption from now Dallas ? How are you going to pay Mark Bibbs and the other attorney that has filed a lawsuit against me for telling the truth on you people, and of course pay me when I win against you and the other Raleigh Mafia individuals involved with you. I can tell you upfront that I will not stop my counter claim against you people. Next is my Civil Rico charges that I am hoping to get the right people to bring criminal charges against you and your cohorts. Oh, that’s right, I can always take NC Bail Academy from your girlfriend Lynette Thompson or Mina Mustain or what ever her name is today.

I just want you people to know that this is only the beginning. Tell me in a few months how you feel when everything is taken from you guys. And I do mean everything. Just like you have been doing to countless people when you bonded them out of jail and then took everything that they and their families had to satisfy your greed.