Let me list the actual search warrants issued between 2016 and 2017 against attorney Mark L. Bibbs, Bibbs Law Group, Dallas McClain, Cannon Surety, Carl Valentine, All American Bail Bonds, Mina Mustain/Lynette Thompson, North Carolina Bail Academy, who I affectionately like to call the Raleigh Mafia. These search warrants are in no particular order nor in date that they were served. You can get a copy from the North Carolina Secretary of State. Its all public record now.

First, Mark Bibbs’s Office at 410 Boylan Executive Building, where in the list of inventory was his car, where copies of checks from Cannon and NC Bail Academy and All American Bail Bonds to Mark Bibbs of which showed that Mark Bibbs indeed received monies for being a Lobbyist when Mark Bibbs was not allowed to partake legally in such actions.

Mark Bibbs desk, which had copies of all files concerning Cannon Surety, their lawsuit against Robert Brawley, a subpoena for me Ronald Pierce for this same case, plus files that shows that all parties were involved with each other on a daily if not a weekly basis. Contracts with Cannon Surety which showed Mark Bibbs being paid $72,000.00 in 2016 alone for being a so called Lobbyist for Cannon. And another contract with NC Bail Academy for the same thing “LOBBYING”.

Second, Bank of America, Bibbs, and Long Leaf Pines Consulting, where bank records were all taken, again which proved the Bibbs lied to investigators upon stating that he did not take monies from Dallas McClain and Cannon, and Lynette Thompson or Mina Mustain and North Carolina Bail Academy.

This contract for Lobbying was for $6,000.00 per month from NC Bail Academy and Mina Mustain/Lynette Thompson.  But showing Mina Mustain/Lynette Thompson was only paying $2,000.00 per month. This just goes on and on with Bibbs being paid a lot of money to be a Lobbyist for these people. I know that I am in the wrong business. I need to be a paid lobbyist and lie to everyone and get paid damn good for doing it.

Third, Wells Fargo Bank- All American Bail Bonds owned by none other than Carl Valentine, who has had his Bail Bond License revoked in 2012, and Carl Valentine tried to get his license back in 2016 but the North Carolina Department of Insurance told him NO THANKS, so what did he do after he lost his license ? Yes, he just transferred it to one of his kin and just kept on operating as usual. With Carl Valentine at the head of the company. While this in itself is illegal in accordance with North Carolina law NCGS 58, a revoked licensee cannot be involved with anything to do with Bail Bonds. All you have to do is look up at the Secretary of State and look at the filings of the corporation to see the filings that show this fact.

This search warrant shows that Carl Valentine was also giving checks to Mark Bibbs for his so called Lobbying representation thru All American Bail Bonds. It also shows that he was illegally involved with Bail Bonds because his license for Lobbying was revoked. Checks were issued to Guidieo Toledo, by All American Bail Bonds, who by the way works for Carl Valentine and All American Bail Bonds, who interned assigned these checks back to Carl Valentine to cash. If this is not the definition of money laundering then I don’t know what is.

Forth, Union Bank and Trust- Mina Mustain/Lynette Thompson. Owner and manger of NC Bail Academy. The search warrants wanted to see how much monies were paid to Mark L. Bibbs and Long Leaf Pines Consulting. Remember Mark Bibbs and Lynette Thompson or Mina Mustain or whatever her name is told investigators that all monies were paid for Lobbying and then reversed themselves after the warrants were issued and both said that these checks were for legal expenses. This is called money laundering and Obstruction. Both Felony’s. Lynette Thomson thru Mark L. Bibbs under the preverbal bus in her interview with the investigators stating that Bibbs had a drinking problem and that is why he didn’t remember all of the cash that was given to him. By the way the search warrants from All American Bail Bonds show that All American Bail Bonds paid for NC Bail Academy’s renewal fees to the Secretary of State. Now tell me there is no collusion between these crooks. All day everyday.

Fifth, Capital Bank- Cannon Surety. At this time and the writing of this article, Cannon Surety was shut down yesterday September 28 at 10am. I have already posted a separate article on the closure. Getting back to the search warrant for bank records on Cannon. What was found was additional records to show that both Dallas McClain/Cannon and Mark L. Bibbs did in fact represent all parties concerned on Lobbying without being a properly licensed Lobbyist. And then concealing the facts of that.

Finally Mark L. Bibbs admitted to the investigators to illegally receiving monies for Lobbying from everyone, while not legally allowed to. The violations for Lobbying are only minor offenses, its the obstruction and the lying to the investigators that is going to kick him in the ass.

I am just wondering where, and when all of the criminal charges on attorney Mark L. Bibbs are going to be served, this is the same person that the NC BAR has had at least 4 hearings to suspend or revoke his license, yet had done absolutely nothing, talk about a worthless taxpayer paid expense.  Lynette Thompson A/K/A Mina Mustain, Carl Valentine, and of course Dallas McClain.

It’s all coming back to roost Dallas. How are you guys going to fund your criminal organization now that Cannon Surety is shut down?


  1. What I do not understand is why no indictments have been issued. Is it because of powerful connections? So who is running interference? Many others have been charged and or indicted for committing far less serious crimes. Yet these people, committing well documented crimes remain free. I have read the unsealed search warrants and the affidavits provided by sworn law enforcement agents. So the Department of Insurance shut their company down. I get that. But companies don’t commit crimes. People do. Where are the indictments? And most of Wayne Goodwin’s folks are still running the Department of Insurance. Did these folks at the Department not create this Frankenstein known as the Raleigh Mafia? Did the Department not allow these people to violate the law?
    And what of these frivolous actions filed by these attorneys? So an illegitimate enterprise of thugs, not paying taxes, violating NC laws, operating with fake names, lying to the Department of Insurance while hiding a disqualified man, filed a lawsuit? In court? Really? The lawyers also should be held accountable.

  2. The following is an excerpt from a story in the Greensboro Record written by Danielle Battaglia.

    “Since then, (Mickey)Snow, who has owned rental homes and leased large commercial properties in Eden and Florida, has been allowed to travel from his house for work. He is also allowed to visit his attorneys’ offices in Eden, Winston-Salem and Raleigh and the offices of Cannon Surety — a bonds company — in Greensboro”

    Ok Cannon Surety did not post this $25 million bond. Bankers Surety in Florida did.
    So why did Snow go there? What was the judge told who issued this order allowing Snow to visit Cannon? Who told the judge Snow should visit this company? Again, Why? How many times did Snow go to Cannon’s office? For what reason?

    More questions than answers.

  3. I known a couple of these guys for a few years. They might not have done all this but the Pres has paid himself and his offspring on the regular and mike Shawn got paid $2500. For what? Hush money maybe. Time will tell but right now their loss is my gain.

  4. So the Guilford County Court system is kind to those that cheat the elderly.
    And now an honest 74-year old veteran sits in jail for 15 days on a frivolously contrived contempt charge. Amazing and sad.
    All after having his life’s savings stolen by thugs, tax cheats, and soon-to-be convicted criminals.
    What does that say about judicial activism in Guilford? Judge your slip is showing.
    God help us.

  5. Contempt for doing nothing wrong on Friday the 13th in Guilford County.
    Contempt after getting robbed of his life’s savings…

    C. Robert Brawley did not deserve to go to jail yesterday.
    He was probably the most honest person in that courtroom. His problem is not the crooks that took his money. It is not the drunk attorney that is a disgrace to the legal profession. It is the political assassins Representative Brawley offended while in office. They are in both political parties and they are many. And they are out for blood.
    Indeed Robert Brawley was a maverick when he held office. He will tell you that.
    He didn’t get along in the back rooms and he was no yes man.
    Look at his record. He called out the good ole boys in his own party more than a time or two.
    It cost him.
    The judge that presided over the hearing is a Mike Easley appointee.
    We all know about Easley’s corrupt side and ultimate conviction. Easley was part of the good ole boy system long ago. He actually helped to create it. Shameful.
    A search of some of the judge’s recent cases speaks for itself. “Alea iacta est” …
    It could be that the die was cast long before the judge took his seat in the courtroom. Much seems to be going on in the back rooms with sealed and secret proceedings these days.
    So a rigged system with a poison well seems more likely.
    While no one can be absolutely certain about the judge’s motivations, accept God above, his ruling smells badly. Where is justice?
    It was not in Room 3B at the Guilford County Courthouse on Friday the 13th.

  6. Fatboyslim

    Are you saying you doubt they did anything wrong? Have you not read the unsealed search warrants from Wake County?
    Those contain exactly what law enforcement discovered and are in affidavit form ready for trial. There are more yet to be unsealed.
    So I am assuming you once were large and now are not. And I am assuming you are accumulating Cannon’s agents.

  7. C. Robert Brawley should have looked the other way. He should not have disclosed the wrongdoing of the North Carolina Department of Insurance as the agency enabled all sorts of laws to be broken. The corporate secretary should have smiled and said nothing as he uncovered specific violations of the North Carolina general statutes. It would have been much cheaper for him.

    • I personally totally disagree with this statement. After you have had the money and if the money is taken away or not, what do you have as a person ? If you want to count your life as meaning something, then you must have a set of principals that you personally will not break no matter how much is thrown at you in your life. If you wish your life to be a lie then that is exactly what this answer suggests. I personally have a set of principals that cannot be bought. I will listen to your explanation of what is and what is not, but please do not ask me to break my beliefs. Because it will not happen. Now that I personally have been brought into this fight I will not quit. Right might not win in a corrupt environment such as the Court system in Guilford County. But if you are going to lose, lose with your principals intact. Remember the laws of providence the more shit that you produce in your life will be revisited back to you two fold.