Friday October 13, 2017 at the end of a hearing in which several people were called to testify. Which included myself, Mark Cartret, Commissioner of Insurance Mike Causey, Deputy Commissioner Angela Ford, and a few other people were called upon the stand to testify on weather or not Robert Brawley released information after he was placed upon a gag order by senior Court Judge Craig.

This whole thing smells fishy from the very beginning. The judge really did not consider any other information other than the documents from attorney Mark L. Bibbs and attorney Forrester to be valid.

Talk about someone who appears to be bought and paid for. I’ll let you come up with your own conclusions on the relationship between Judge Craig and attorney Mark L. Bibbs.

I also know that you scumbags were trying to get me to do anything so that the judge could find reason to also put me in jail as well. You didn’t get it did you ? Did you really think that I was that stupid. Of course you did. I could smell this set up from the day that I got the Subpoena to bear witness at this hearing.

The Raleigh Mafia is gloating and having a steak dinner over their accomplishment of getting Robert Brawley put behind bars for 15 days. I have a couple of questions to ask here, since I know that they “The Raleigh Mafia” looks at this website on practically a daily basis, my question goes to the people who pay the bills of Mark Bibbs and Mr. Forester. How much did it cost you in “attorney fees” or bribes, to make this happen ? Next, I would like to ask, do you not think that there will be repercussions from what you have done ?

Well lets look at this for a second, Dallas, Lynn, and Carl, do you think that there will be any compromising with Robert Brawley, and for that matter anyone else involved like myself in the future ? I can pretty much assure you that there will be none. What exactly did you accomplish. Do you think that Robert Brawley will fold up like a little spanked puppy dog and say, please no more.  You now have assured yourselves of paying these crooked attorney’s a whole lot more of your monies for the future years that this being dragged out. Do you think that this will just go away now, or that Robert Brawley will make any deals with you at all in the near future ? My personal question is, what are you going to do for cash now that the Department of Insurance has closed Cannon Surety ? Do you really think that Mark Bibbs and whomever else is going to resurrect this company or one like it ? I can pretty much guarantee you all that I personally will fight any action that you bring forward.

Well Dallas, Mina, or whomever you really are, and of course Carl. I hope that you have a few more scams set up for the future. Because no one will want to do business with you in the future. NO ONE. Yes, you have your little followers, but you don’t have the scam of a multi-million dollar Surety Company to skim profits to your other company’s any more. Yes we know about all of them.

We also know about all of the false documents and false deeds that you have faked. Don’t worry all of this will come out in the near future.

You won a small battle, but you are going to have to file for bankruptcy again in the near future. I wanted to put that here in writing since everything I post is brought up and filed with the court one way or another.

One final parting shot here…….what’s the matter, you haven’t got any of your court judges to shut down my website yet. Your slacking on that. But I know that you will keep trying. Keep spending that money on those attorney’s though.



  1. The new commissioner has his work cut out for him no doubt. The last commissioner, now head of the democratic party, appears to have been asleep at the wheel. He allowed the North Carolina bail industry to become filled up with thugs. When you have folks in a profession that cannot get a job at Walmart that speaks volumes. Time to clean up. Looks like the Cannon has melted down. Good start. Great article.

    • I don’t think that Wayne Goodwin was asleep at the wheel. He was totally involved with these crooks. It’s called Pay to Play. Wayne was trying to be a little Clinton clone. All of her selling out of the American public is now coming forward.