Well, Well, Well……. The truth to my previous statements and posts about Cannon Surety with regards to Dallas McClain, Carl Valentine, All American Bail Bonds, and their followers are all coming true. I will print the letter that Carl Valentine and All American Bail Bonds received from Bankers Insurance. On Bankers closing down All American Bail Bonds from writing new business, or bail Bonds with them. Here you go.



P.O. Box 33015

St. Petersburg, Florida 33733-8015


October 3, 2017

Rockingham County Clerk of Court

170 Hwy 65

Wentworth, NC. 27375


RE: Revocation of Authority to Post Bail

Please be advised that as of October 2, 2017, Carl Valentine, D/B/A All American Bail Bonds LLC. is no longer authorized to transact new business, or execute any Powers of Attorney, on behalf of Bankers Insurance Company anywhere in the State of North Carolina.

This revocation also includes the following Bail Agents appointed and writing on behalf of All American Bail Bonds LLC. Remus Brown, Dallas McClain, Robert Mathis, Mike Schon, Perla Lopez, Robertino Lopez, Kyle Mathis and Quade Mathis.

This revocation is for the posting of new bonds only, all other terms and conditions of the Agency Agreement will remain in full effect until all liabilities, obligations and responsibilities are deemed satisfied.

I hereby respectfully request this information  be forwarded to the appropriate individuals that accept bonds accordingly. Further, please forward this to any additional clerk and/or jurisdiction within your State that you believe should be notified.

Should there be any questions , please contact me at 1-800-627-0000 (extension 4488).


Diana Ferran

Recovery Coordinator


Well, Well, Well. I guess it is my time to gloat a little bit isn’t it. It appears that no one wants your business anymore. Imagine that will ya ? It’s not like I didn’t tell you so. Oh Yes, I truly am gloating here. I think it is my time for that steak. I don’t think that Robert Brawley minds whatsoever that he has to spend his 15 days in jail when he knows that he has shut you crooks down. And he truly has shut you people down. Do you think that this is going to end ? It’s only just the beginning. Every company that you sign onto, or try to sign onto will be notified of your past. I will personally send a copy of the closure of Cannon Surety from the North Carolina Department of Insurance, and a copy of this letter to every Bail Bonding Insurance Company doing business in this State.

So where are you guys are going to now ? I hear MEXICO loves crooks like you. You know, people like you, who have Millions of Dollars in cash hidden away in your luggage and safe deposits that you have stolen from a 73 year old man and his wife. Hey Dallas, are you going to take your girlfriend Mina or Lynette or what ever her name is this week with you to MEXICO ? I hope so, we don’t need crooks like you guys in the State. We have enough Bribe taking judges and politicians already here in this State. We can stand to lose a few.

I do know one thing. All of you cannot divert anymore cash from Cannon Surety over to Bankers anymore. Like you have done over the past two years. Now isn’t that just precious. Yes, we “all” have known about it from the beginning, we just couldn’t prove it. This letter now proves beyond any doubt about that. Do you not think that I will not bring this up into court in the lawsuit that you morons have brought against me.

Are you going to just pack up and leave without paying your scumbag attorney’s, or have they already been paid a premium to try and settle your cases for you. just to let you know I will not settle at anytime until this is in front of a jury.

Enjoy your coming weekend. Will you be traveling ? I know that I will be enjoying the coming weekend. How’s your case flow ?



  1. Wow. I guess Mark Cartret and others called it right. Looks like Valentine was unlawfully in the bail bond industry and McClain and others worked for him. So these folks lied under oath and hid behind insurance companies and their financials. Simply amazing. These attorneys that sued everyone should be hit with malpractice or E&O claims. Did they not initiate their suite on a verified complaint?
    Wh verified what? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Ron: I am in Insurance and I have been keeping up with all these stories regularly. Some I found in other media stories. But I am wondering if this will have any bearing on Wayne Goodwin. I see where he now heads the Democratic Party in North Carolina. This Bibbs character and he had conversations way back which more should have been made of. And I suspect some other characters, power brokers, are in the mix. I have seen some other powerful names mostly politicians and attorneys brought up. So I keep asking who follows the money here? There must be more powerful people hidden behind these crooks and that insurance company. I do not think that everything has come out. For the Insurance company to have been illegally set up, people hiding behind it that the law says cannot, operating with bad or shady financials and violating insurance laws, there has to be more to this. Where has the money gone? Who has it? Is it not traceable. Were taxes paid? I think I read they were not. The IRS are some really inexpensive auditors. They brought down Al Capone when no one else could or would. Also I read where a head deputy Insurance Commissioner sent an email allowing these crooks to work without an insurance manager. Is she still at the Insurance Department? She seemingly exempted the crooks from following a law which is a crime but at a minimum she should not be at her post any more. Lots of thoughts and much corruption. There is obviously a lot of money involved. And there usually is. Lawyers, politicians, money, fraud, lobbyists, bail bonds, corrupt judges, this story has everything but sex.

    • Very good questions. I would like for other people to come forward and tell their story about these people. It all will come out sooner or later it’s just a matter of time.