Do you know what the definition of SCUMBAG means ?   a.) Condom.  b). despicable. This definition does not just apply to people it also applies to unscrupulous companies as well.

Not only can you put that label on insurance companies, but you can also put that label on the North Carolina Department of Insurance in my opinion for taking my tax dollars and not performing their jobs in accordance with the laws of this State. NCGS 58-2. States that the Department of Insurance is required by law to SUPERVISE all Insurance Companies doing business in this State. Well, I think that all of the citizens in this State can COMFORTABLY understand that this Department of Insurance is definitely not doing the job as demanded.

Well guess what, I am getting reports that DONAN ENGINEERING is still at it, wrongfully denying roof, foundations and the likes, and their reports are always in favor of, and for the insurance companies with whom they are under contract with to perform their inspection. But the law requires a professional and correct evaluation in accordance with all building codes and laws.

What’s wrong with that you ask ?

Not that “I” wouldn’t tell you what’s wrong with that or nothing, as they say.

The insurance companies have for years have wrongfully denied, what should have been properly reported claims by using a licensed engineering firm or firms such as DONAN ENGINEERING and HAAG ENGINEERING to tell the homeowners NO……

Either way that you look at it, it is criminal in nature and the different State Department’s of Insurances let alone the Board of Professional Engineers in these States are doing absolutely nothing to stop this abuse from happening.

I once complained to the North Carolina Board of Professional Engineers about the inspections that I was involved with that was associated with DONAN and the Board responded by saying that I had no standing to bring the complaint to begin with. This is just another example of the different departments of North Carolina that is doing absolutely nothing in their “each” realm of supposedly protecting the citizens of this State. Then these same Departments like the North Carolina Department of Insurance wonders why we don’t trust any of them.