I would not believe this story posted today by WBTV, if I had not been part of it.

Newly unsealed documents, that were not supposed to be released yet by the North Carolina Department of Insurance was released by WBTV only after WBTV release was requested for Guildford County Judge John O. Craig. These were given to Judge Craig by none other than Attorney Mark L. Bibbs. In emails directly to the Judge from Mark Bibbs. I have one question here. If these documents were sealed in Wake County, how did you, Mark Bibbs get a copy of them ? Then these documents were shared with the Judge and never shared with the opposing attorney in the same case in Guilford County that Judge Craig was presiding over. Sounds a little like illegal shit to me. One trial of which I had to give testimony in. One of which Mark L. Bibbs was trying to get his Judge friend to find a reason to throw me in jail also.

The attorney’s for WBTV asked that same question to Judge Craig. So what did Judge Craig do ?  He called the Judge in Wake County that sealed the documents, and asked the Judge to do him a favor and unseal these documents to get his own ass out of trouble. The Judge in Wake County unsealed the documents and released them for and to WBTV.

Well wait a minute if you had Robert Brawley thrown in jail for speaking of the ongoing case, under a sealed court order, how was it that you, Mark Bibbs, were able to release sealed documents that were sealed by another judge.

Now if you want to speak of a corrupted NC. Judge and an attorney on this matter. WOW, if this alone does not prove corruption, I do not know what will. This is the same pair Judge Craig, and opposing attorney Mark Bibbs that had Robert Brawley put into jail for 15 days by Judge Craig for doing the same thing. Hey Mark, when are you and Judge Craig going to start spending your each 15 days in JAIL ?

Were is this States worthless Bar association when the general public is in real danger from this attorney Mark L. Bibbs ?

This story gives most of the credit to Mike Causey for shutting Cannon Surety down. But it was really Robert Brawley and Mark Cartret’s 92 complaints to the North Carolina Department of Insurance and maybe my letter showing all of these problems to every member of the NC. HOUSE and the NC Senators had a little bit to do with this problem that we have still in this State.

This is what was said by WBTV article:


The Department said its enforcement action against Cannon Surety began after its staff performed an examination-similar to an audit-of the companies finances.

The examinations revealed that the Respondent “Cannon Surety” and “Dallas McClain” uses a primitive cash-based accounting system consisting of using the bank statements for its operating account to track deposited funds and withdrawn funds. “NCDOI’S petition said. “Deposited funds are deemed by Respondent to be revenue and withdrawn funds are deemed by Respondent to be expenses.

The petition said cash payments made to the company were never deposited into the bank account and were never reported as income. By the way this is called money laundering.

As a result the NCDOI’s Complaint said, Cannon Surety cannot report accurate and true statements of all of its assets and liabilities as required in its Annual Report.

In addition the NCDOI claimed the company made withdrawals from the company’s account using debit cards to make purchases or by taking cash from the ATM without keeping receipts for such transactions.

Based on the review of the bank statements for the first three months of 2017, the company had one overdraft in each of the first three months of 2017. Thus the company failed to monitor cash flow on a daily basis to avoid insufficient funds, checks and overdraft fees. Well imagine that will you. This is also called FRAUD and theft. And of course too many crooks hands in one cookie jar.


NCDOI wrote in its petition that Cannon Surety did not appear to have on hand to cover the amounts of bonds that had been written by Bail Bondsmen on the company’s behalf.

Respondent has not demonstrated that it has sufficient assets to meet its liabilities.

In fact the DOI told a Judge Cannon Surety had total exposure of $79,538,431.08 on bonds written by its bail agents.

I have a couple more questions here.

1.) Where was the NCDOI in 2016, on taking action under then Commissioner Wayne Goodwin? When all of these illegal acts were reported to the NCDOI by Robert Brawley and Mark Cartret.

2.) Where are all of the Criminal Charges on Dallas McClain, and attorney Mark L. Bibbs for fraud, perjury, filing false documents to the NCDOI ? All of these are felony’s.

I am sure that you have a few questions for yourselves. How about asking  Mike Causey those questions.



  1. Well these shady players found attorneys under rocks who churned a ton of needless legislation.
    Talk about tort reform.

    The bigger question is “When will the indictments happen”?
    Companies do not commit crimes.
    Human beings do.