For those of you that have not looked at my other posts on this guy and his now shut down by the North Carolina Department of Insurance, the company, Cannon Surety, and we also must also speak about his scumbag attorney Mark L. Bibbs, who by the way has corrupt NC. Judges in his back pocket. Just ask Robert Brawley for that answer, as he is still spending his weekends in jail to satisfy the illegal and unjust Temporary Restraining Order imposed by Judge Allen and Judge Craig in Guilford County, North Carolina.

These people, “Who I like to call the Raleigh Mafia” have been screwing the general public over for many years under the protection of now deposed, pay to play, ex-Commissioner of Insurance, Wayne Goodwin. Whom is now the head of the Democratic Party here in North Carolina. This same person I hear is going to try and make a run for Governor of North Carolina in 2020. Well I can tell you if that happens I will broadcast as hard as possible just how much of a crook he really is.

On September the 28, 2017. The Department of Insurance finally pulled the plug on Cannon Surety, after many complaints of an illegal operation, money laundering, fraud, and just to many charges to list from this point.

Now Dallas McClain, and his scumbag attorney Mark L. Bibbs are crying so loud that it is waking up the other dead, or soon to be dead crooks and politicians in this State. According to a Counter Complaint filed in court by the scumbag attorney Mark L. Bibbs, it claims that Mike Causey, now Commissioner of Insurance is in bed with Mark Cartret and AAI Insurance. To include the North Carolina Bail Agent Association. Under Court Case number 17 CV 11692.

On the complaint filed by the NCDOI it states on item 24. All American Bail Bonds. Who do you think owns AABB. Carl Valentine does. There’s only one problem with that situation, Carl Valentine has had his license to do business in Bail Bonds revoked sine 2012. Now his son is supposed to be running it. Who do you think is actually running this company ? I think you can figure that one out on your own. But it still is illegal for this man to be anywhere near the Bail Bonding business. Do you think that the North Carolina Department of Insurance has done anything about it, even after the Director of the Investigative Division SHANE GUYANT, has known about it for several years ?   NO.

At the same location is Piedmont Bail Services LLC.  This company is owned by no other than Carl Valentines son, Jeremy Brian Valentine. Or is it ?

By the way Bankers Surety has also banned these same people from doing business with Carl Valentine and all people associated with them. Now these crooks cannot take Cannon Surety contracts and put them thru Bankers Surety anymore. What’s the matter, all of your scumbag friends can’t get on with another company. Sooner or later all of you will not be allowed to do business at all in the Bail Bond Arena in North Carolina nor another State.

In the Counter Complaint filed by Mark L. Bibbs, it sounds like the world is against his clients and him. So cry me a river you scumbag. You are getting what you deserve. Cannon Surety never filed its reports on time with the NCDOI, never paid its judgments on time to the courts when they were supposed to, never made records for all of the cash that your company Cannon Surety received, made contracts under Cannon Surety with no other paperwork being supplied to include deposits into the bank as “required” by North Carolina law, and now according to your Counter Complaint against the NCDOI and Mike Causey, you want this governmental body to have faith in you, and your crooked client Dallas McClain, that this company can be turned around and saved thru another entity and then hand it back to Dallas McClain. Not today you moron.

Hey Mark, how many corrupt judges can you bring to bear now, that everybody is watching. And I do mean everybody, and that includes all of NC. HOUSE and the NC. SENATE.  Especially after I have been sending all of this, and much more in letters directly to each and everyone of them.