I wish to speak about our State governmental bodies for a moment.

The NC Bar is charged with supervising all attorney’s in this great State of North Carolina. The NC. Department of Revenue does not mind selling your house out from under you to pay those taxes that you are supposed to owe to fund worthless Departments like this. And just what do we the citizens of North Carolina get for our tax dollars ?

We get Departments of this State that does absolutely nothing for what we are paying them for. Try the ETHICS COMMISSION for one and the NC BAR for the second. Case in point.

Attorney Mark L. Bibbs of his company Bibbs Law Group. There have been at least 10 complaints against this attorney to the NC Bar. I have done two. What has all of the complaints for violations of the NC BAR RULES, like admitting to investigators that he was illegally acting and doing business as an unlicensed Lobbyist, for a crooked enterprise, in this case the name of Cannon Surety and its owner Dallas McClain with his girlfriend Lynette Thompson or Mina Mustin or one of her other aliases, and there buddy Carl Valentine. All paid money to Mark L. Bibbs for illegal lobbying against House Bill 508. Then we move onto Mark L. Bibbs being arrested for DUI on several occasions.

Hey, NC Bar, what about all of the other harassing lawsuits assessed against people that are trying to tell the truth on this guy ?

I for one am tired of paying taxes on our different departments of this State, and these departments don’t do the job that they were set up and charged to do, and that is protect the citizens of this State.

So how about it NC BAR, how about you surprising everyone in this State and ACTUALLY DO YOUR DAMN JOB, or please go somewhere else and steal their money. I for one am completely feed up with it.

Let me list the worthless different departments that I personally know and have been involved in one way or another:

The Professional Engineers Board

The North Carolina Bar Association

The Ethics Commission

The North Carolina Department of Insurance

The North Carolina Attorney Generals Office