I have been asking and asking this same question over and over in my head for a very long time. And at every level my logical mind cannot seem to find the simple answer to this question as to why.

I think that I have came up with several partial solutions though, that you might want to think about for a moment.

First things first, these so called Departments are supposed to be servicing the customer, “the tax payer” in each and every “Department” the people in these Departments have lost the fact that they work for us and not us working for them. Yet each and every time you have a complaint to “the Ethic’s Commission” or any other Department of North Carolina, the end result is, you beating your own head against the wall and you calling it fun. Well it is not.

One, no matter who gets voted in to “any” office, I’ll use the Attorney Generals Office, and the North Carolina Department of Insurance for examples for this question. You still have the same people in the same positions of being at the level of directors and assistant directors, that have been in these same positions for the past 20 years or so. Why is this ?

1.)  Experience ? OK……….. If this is your number one excuse for not draining that swamp, then this excuse is just not good enough for me. The person whom is paying your salary. If you do not change the way that this Office is ran, then why did you campaign that you were looking for change in this Department. Were you lying then or are you lying now ? Which is it ? I personally believe it is both.

2.)  The incoming Attorney General, or Commissioner of Insurance wants to be a nice guy and not upset the apple cart ? OK………….. If this was the case, then why, oh why are you not living up to your campaign promises of making change where necessary in that department.

3.)  How about the person that get’s elected doesn’t know what he or she is doing, or doesn’t have the experience of and for the job or position to begin with ? OK……….. If you don’t know what you are doing in the position that you ran for, why can you not surround yourself with intelligent people and ask for their opinions ? On that note you cannot use the existing corrupt structure that is in place. But you are.

4.) What’s next ?  More years of not getting anything done. This seems to be the normal everyday situation that exists in North Carolina.

If you as a citizen of North Carolina what change you are going to have to speak up and be heard. The next election is right around the corner.





I am a man that is hell bent in changing the way insurance companies treat us and changing the NCDOI. He is a proud fighter against government waste, fraud, and abuse and the founder of the North Carolina Advocate magazine.