NFC ENGINEERING SERVICES, are just like DONAN ENGINEERING, and several other engineering companies in North and South Carolina that perform, so called neutral, or unbiased inspections for insurance companies. Remember these so called engineers are paid by the insurance companies to deny your claim, it is that simple. If they approve your roof or what ever the repairs that are needed to your home, then the insurance companies will not call these engineer companies again. Remember the insurance companies are paying for denial letters and nothing more.

I won’t give the Homeowners name of the property that I was involved with, but the address of the property is 905 Applegate Parkway, Waxhaw, NC.

This actually happened. I have the complaints that I filed to the North Carolina Department of Insurance. The North Carolina Attorney Generals Office and the North Carolina Board of Examiners For Engineers and Surveyors.

Do you want to know what if anything that any of these Departments did ? Yea you probably guessed it right. Absolutely NOTHING. Oh yea, we will do an investigation. All any of these Departments did was sit on their collective asses and give out mouth wash. This is the nicest way I can say it. And why are we the citizens of North Carolina paying their respective salary’s again and again.

I’ll give you the actual letters that I wrote to each Department.

NFC Engineering Services, James R. Basinger, NC. License #  33882, 1922 Clearwater Lake Road, Chapel Hill, NC. 27517.


I am absolutely dumbfounded at your results from your report on the residence. You, either do not know what you are doing, of which is a violation of 21 NCAC 56.0701, chapter (a) Rules for Professional Conduct. Which states: Maintain a high standard of integrity. Chapter (b) a licensee shall conduct the practice in order to protect the public health, safety and welfare. Next, 21 NCAC Par. (b) Sub. (1) shall undertake to perform engineering and land surveying assignments only when qualified by education or experience. This alone left you out of the equation.

When I spoke to you on site I told you that I wanted a proper inspection and that I would expect nothing less. When you replied as to whom I was, your answer to me, ” I was just another contractor”. OK. I am going to take your report and show without any shadow of doubt that you are not qualified to keep your professional Engineers License.

Of which I will file a complaint with the board of Professional Engineers. You have brought yourself into this as you are perpetuating insurance fraud, of which I will file a complaint with the North Carolina Department of Insurance, and a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office, sighting and proving Unfair Trade Practices in accordance with NCGS 75-1, 75-5 and 75-10. Of which I will highlight all rules and regulations as well as all of the laws that you broke, of which I will make public with NCGS 58-2-100, and demand an investigation into your business and the collusion with Travelers to create insurance fraud on your part.

Let’s start off with your findings ! Photo’s #3 & # 4. 30 to 40 shingles laid back by wind. Your conclusion was over driven nails and strip failure ! There is absolutely no common sense to this statement. First if this was a factor, IE: over driven nail and strip failure, you would lost the entire section of roof shingle, not just have only one tab laid back per shingle. The only conclusion that you should have come up with is wind damage. Nothing else. How in the hell could anything else could have happened here since there was no human intervention. IE: manually pulling up shingles to effectuate mechanical damage. But this was not your conclusion. It was due to ever driven nails and strip failure. REALLY ?????

Next, your conclusions on the granular loss. You stated 25 places on the roof shown in photo # 10. However your inspection did not find any damage to the face of the shingles. This is astonishing to me, again you obviously have not been trained properly or you are not doing enough research on your own, either way you are wrong. I will site on Technical Service Bulletin from GAF, of which I am supplying a copy to you. Note here that all manufacturers follow similar lines here and I will supply you with the Technical Service Bulletin from Owens Corning as well. It is not my job to educate you, but I will make sure that you learn this one way or another.

Next you said that you performed an investigation of the surrounding area for collateral damage, and you have dismissed all others in your report as being caused by something else. This is absolutely unacceptable. Again you either do not give a damn as to what you are doing or you are falsifying pertinent photos at the behest of TRAVELERS. Either way, again you do not deserve to keep your licenses.

Next, you are now depicting the weather with your March 29, 2012. WHO came up with that date ? Travelers I bet. As far as a date that caused the damage, I do not care ! As the damage is evident and my evidence will show that you are lacking on several ares to keep your licenses. And your conclusions are completely and entirely false, of which Travelers is using your inept report to disallow a claim. This is out and out insurance fraud. I can guarantee everyone that I will prove insurance fraud of which you have perpetuated yourself in.

In conclusion to my findings as far as your report goes you ignored pertinent facts on your so called investigation which brings you in violation of your own rules of conduct. I will include a list for you here. You might want to look them up.

21 NCAC 56.0701 (a), (b), (c), (c1), (c2), (c3), (d), (d1), (g).

Of which brings you into direct violation of the law NCGS 89 C-2, 89 C-3, 89 C-3 chapter (6a), NCGS 89-20.

Next, since you are representing an insurance company on this claim, you are  perpetuating insurance fraud, and this brings to NCGS 58-63-1, 58-63-5, 58-63-10, 58-63-15 (1), (3), (4).

Next it brings you into NCGS 75-1. Unfair Business Practices. NCGS 75-1, 75-1.1, 75-2.

Next, In accordance with 21 NCAC 56.1301 A, I am bringing you up on charges in front of the BOARD. I am demanding an investigation in accordance with NCGS 75-9, from the North Carolina Attorney Generals Office.

I hope that your errs and omission insurance is paid up.

After all of my complaints to the Board for Engineers and to the North Carolina Department of Insurance and the Attorney Generals Office, absolutely nothing was done. Except to have an illicit investigation launched against me and my companies.